Top 10 reads on martial arts, health, and fitness

By Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi
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Here’s a round-up of the 10 best tips and articles we found this week on martial arts, health, and fitness.

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Mastering Basic Sweeps for All Martial Artists
“Sweeps from the guard are a vital part of grappling. From a competition point of view, sweeps can win points and can help put a fighter in a better position to dominate their opponent. From a self defence point of view, sweeps are vital.”

Foam Rollers as an Alternative to Massage
“Foam roller exercises offer many of the same benefits of massage therapy without the massive expense. It’s not all that uncommon for fitness centres to have foam rollers available to their clients. If they’re new to you, I’ll explain how they work.”

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Unconventional Breakfasts
“It helps to have some good Plan B’s in the arsenal to get by on days when you’re out of bread and eggs and don’t have time to cook a batch of steel cut oats (or ran out of your stash in the freezer).”

Agility Drills MMA Style!
“Fighters that compete in jiu-jitsu, MMA, boxing, and kickboxing are always changing direction. Agility drills will help a fighter with their footwork as well as other aspects like takedown defense and takedowns.”

Black Belt Superpowers
“You train, pass the test and are awarded a black belt. Your instructor hands you a new, shiny black belt. The sky opens up and you are bestowed black belt superpowers. You are invincible and fear no man. This is NOT what happens when you receive your black belt. In fact, it is the complete opposite. ”

Meatless Monday Catches on, Meat Industry Sizzles
“The meat industry is not happy, to say the least. Over the past few months lobbyists for the American Meat Institute, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the National Pork Board have begun to fight back against Meatless Mondays.”

What martial artists should eat
“Every so often someone will ask me for dietary advice, either because I’m an exercise physiologist or because I am a martial arts teacher. I guess they figure those two domains of education and practice make me an expert or something.”

The Case Against Martial Arts Tournaments
“Let this be my catharsis. There are perfectly good reasons to abstain from tournament competition, and they deserve an airing. So here we go…”

Mom, what’s a “diet?” Dealing with the “D-word”

“I’m livid that we live in a world where a 4 year old is already getting messages about what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of body size and food choices! I thought I wouldn’t have to start fighting this until about age 10 (which is when I unfortunately discovered dieting). ”

Continued Worries about The Biggest Loser & Its Spawn
“Dr. Tyson then went on to question whether any of the experts charged with overseeing the health of those who choose to participate in The Biggest Loser have any expertise in eating disorders. And to worry that the newest rendition of the show, one that focuses on families, will include children in their treatment.”