Personal Development Reader – Mar 23, 2011

By Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi
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Here’s a round-up of the best blog posts and articles on personal development we came across this week.

How to Meditate for Beginners: 10 Essential Tips
You’ve undoubtedly heard of the many benefits of meditation. It helps you calm your mind, relax, and let go of stress. But if you haven’t tried it before, it can be intimidating. In this post, blogger Evelyn Lim shares 10 tips that will help you, even if you’re a beginner.

The Productivity Tricks and Daily Habits of Famous People
Did you know that Victor Hugo, author of “Les Miserables,” would have his valet hide his clothes so he wouldn’t be tempted to leave the house without meeting his writing goal? In this post, blogger Tucker Cummings shares this and other daily rituals famous people use that help them to be at their most productive and prolific.

10 Steps to Simplify Your Work Life
Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed, it has less to do with the actual amount of work you have to do, and more to do with how you’re thinking about it. In this post, blogger Lori Deschene gives you 10 ways to simplify by changing your mindset.

Inspirational Thoughts – Take Care of Yourself
Sometimes we can get so focused on working, taking care of others, helping our friends and family, that we forget how to take care of ourselves. In this post, blogger Nea Joy reminds us to take a moment to love and cherish yourself.

8 Ways To Get Smarter Every Week
“Getting smarter involves a combination of learning new information, retaining that information, and maintaining the health of your brain,” writes blogger Tucker Cummings. In this post, she shares 8 ways to keep your brain sharp as a tack.