Urban Martial Arts Represents At Twin Towers Classic 2013

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the recent Twin Towers Classic Karate Tournament 2013!

This was definitely the most challenging tournaments we’ve participated in this year.

It was exciting to watch the caliber of talent at this event and it provided an amazing opportunity for our students to experience this level of competition.

Great job, everybody! We look forward to seeing how you’ll do in the next tournament!

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Miguel Beltran (10-11 Intermediate Boys Sparring)

Abbosbek Adxamov (14-15 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Andrew Blake (30-39 Black Belt Mens Sparring)
Donald Claireville (30-39 Advanced Mens Sparring)

Jose Bernejo (10-11 Intermediate Boys Sparring)

Aaron Rice (10-11 Black Belt Boys Sparring)
Amini David (14-15 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Christopher Djama (14-15 Black Belt Boys Sparring)
Jared Halman (18-29 Black Belt Mens Sparring)
Kimberly Rice (12-13 Black Belt Girls Sparring)
Polo Ramone (12-13 Intermediate Girls Sparring)

You can view a full history of Urban Martial Arts’ tournament rankings here.