Why Summer Camps in Brooklyn Are So Important for Kids

Why Summer Camps in Brooklyn Are Important for Kids

Every time summer rolls by, children across the country get ready to have the time of their lives at summer camp. It’s fun for kids and gives parents time off, a win-win situation. If you’re still not convinced of the importance of summer camps, here are a couple more reasons why summer camps are so important for kids in Brooklyn especially, but everywhere else also.

1. They are physically active all day long
These days, most kids live a very sedentary lifestyle. They spend their free time playing on the computer or with video games or watching the TV. Even in school, they don’t get the opportunity to be physically active all the time, especially with elementary and middle schools now cutting back on gym classes and recess. For a child’s body and mind to develop well, a child needs to engage in physical activity. Summer camps give kids the opportunity to do just that. The kids get to run, jump, play, and engage in sports-based activities and stay active.

2. The change of environment boosts self-confidence
It is very refreshing for anyone to change environments for a while, and children need to feel this too, especially at the end of the school year. Without the usual academic, athletic and social competition that have come to characterize schooling, they are free to experience more success. This leads to kids building self-confidence.

3. They become more resilient
Because many summer camps focus on praising efforts and encouraging kids to push beyond their perceived boundaries, kids will try new things at a summer camp. While this means that they will experience difficulties and even setbacks, they will also build a degree of resiliency. This is something that every child needs to experience.

4. They improve their social skills
Summer camp is filled with not just children, but a new set of adults for the children to get to know. By sharing this time with their peers, they get to make new friends and cement the bonds to friendships that are already present. Equally important is that the children get to learn how to negotiate their needs with adults. This skill will be very useful to the kids later on in life.

5. They feel like they belong
Good camps foster a close sense of community. For example, at Urban Martial Arts, every karate class begins with a recitation of our student creed, which spells out the values we stand for: perseverance, excellence, and using martial arts for self-defense, never for offense. This grounds the kids, makes them part of something bigger than themselves. When children feel rooted, it helps them develop a sense of security.

Summer camp can be a very rewarding experience for your kids. It will help them develop useful skills as well as create memories and friendships that will last through your child’s lifetime.

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