How to Get The Most Out of Your Child’s After-School Program


After-school programs can be expensive. Your hard earned money should yield the most for you, which includes your child’s after-school program. Ideally, your child should be able to head into his or her program ready to participate in all activities, without issues. Here are 3 ways on how to get the most out of your child’s after-school program

1. Bring required equipment or materials each day

Equipment is likely the most important factor on this list. Simply put, your child may not be able participate in various programs without proper equipment. For example, here at Urban Martial Arts, our karate after-school program requires the children to wear karate uniforms. If a child does not have their uniform readily available, they cannot take class. It would be like a baseball player coming to a game without his bat or mitt. Having your child’s program equipment with them each day will ensure full participation, getting the best out of the program. You want your child out playing and participating, not sitting on the bench waiting to be picked up. Pack the equipment and have your child ready.

2. Let the program staff know of any special needs or sensitivities

Every child is an individual and has their own personality, including yours. Maybe your child dislikes a certain color or maybe he is very afraid of spiders. Whatever the case may be, these are issues you must let the program staff know about. A great example to use would be learning differences. If your child requires more specific attention, the staff must be aware. Perhaps he requires certain techniques that will help him get his homework done, let the staff know so they can be effective.

3. Allow your child ample time to grow

Your child needs time. Allow your child that time and don’t expect results to come overnight. Often times, parents are displeased with their children because of high expectations. Remember that your child is unique. Just because other children maybe be excelling faster doesn’t mean your child won’t. Here at Urban Martial Arts, our students are ranked according to skill set, knowledge of our art and time spent participating in our program. Not all of our students graduate to the next rank in the same time frame. If your child may be a little behind in learning a new skill, don’t be hard on them. Some children require a little more time and allowing them that time will result in greater outcomes. New skills take practice to perfect. Parents who speak on their displeasure are not aware that they may actually be deterring their children from continuing to like the program itself, pushing them away from wanting to continue. Allow your child to be themselves, have fun and grow.

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