What to Wear for Kickboxing Class

What to Wear for Kickboxing

We all need a little motivation for exercise from time to time, especially on our “off” days. Some people turn to a workout buddy, while others look at photos of their dream body. But sometimes all you need is some new workout gear to get remotivated. If you’re wondering what to wear for kickboxing class, here are a few items we recommend for this intense workout:

1. Sweatpants

Other than lounging, sweatpants are great for working out because they’re easy to move around in and the material will make you sweat out all those extra calories. Since you’ll be doing a lot of kicking in class, make sure your sweatpants aren’t too loose so that they don’t drop down while you’re doing kick routines.

2. T-shirts

Due to the high intensity of the workout, it is normal to sweat a lot during kickboxing. If you feel embarrassed by visible sweat stains from cotton tshirts, opt for sweat absorbent or moisture wicking t-shirts.These t-shirts are designed to pull moisture away, so that you feel dry while you’re working out.

3. Muay Thai shorts

If you really want to feel like a fighter while kickboxing, muay thai shorts are the way to go. These shorts are generally made of silk material, but they come in different colours and sizes, and you can even customize the design if you order them online. Bonus: muay thai shorts also make for comfortable sleepwear.

4. Ankle supports

Ankle supports are more than a fashion accessory – they provide support and help protect the delicate skin on your instep, which can easily get red and sore if you’re not used to kicking in that area.

5. Wraps

If you want extra support during kickboxing class, you can also get handwraps to protect your hands and wrists against injuries. Since you wear gloves while punching in class, your hands are already protected, but if you want extra protection you can use handwraps to prevent punching bag burns.

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5 Ways Summer Camp Will Help Your Child Unplug and Reconnect

5 Ways Summer Camp Will Help Your Child Unplug and Reconnect

Since we live in the age of technology, we often worry whether our children will become too obsessed with gadgets and forget about the joy of interacting with others. In the good old days, childhood was all about running around and playing with other children outdoors, but nowadays most children prefer to stay at home and play video games.

If you want your child to unplug this summer, here are five ways summer camp helps your child reconnect with the real world:

1. Participating in group activities

Children can enjoy group activities, instead of spending time alone all the time. Summer camp includes a range of fun and fulfilling activities that help children bond and become good friends. Other than social interaction, group activities help children learn how to co-operate and compromise with others.

2. Running around outdoors

Instead of staying indoors all day, children can take advantage of the fresh air and sunny weather during summer camp. Unplugging from technology has great benefits for children, as it helps them stay present and active. It also teaches them that running around outdoors with other children can be as fun and exciting as videogames.

3. Talking instead of texting

Although texting has become the communication norm in our society, children should learn to talk to each other in real life instead of texting all day. Face-to-face interaction will help them improve their communication skills, since texting can affect children’s expressions and emotions.

4. Having fun in the offline world

Sometimes children can get lost in virtual reality and use it as a form of escape from the real world. In order for them to stay present in real life and enjoy it, they should learn to have fun in the offline world. Since summer camp consists of fun and fulfilling group activities, this will help children learn the simple joys of real life.

5. Socializing with other kids

If your child is too immersed in the world of technology, they will gradually forget how to interact and socialise with other children. In order to avoid this phenomenon, summer camp can help your child socialize with other children, as they participate in group activities and spend a large amount of time together.

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5 Misconceptions People Have About Summer Camp

Misconceptions About Camp Blog

If your child has never been to summer camp, you may have a doubt or two on its benefits or effectiveness. Before you scratch summer camp off the list for good, here are a few misconceptions people have about summer camp:

1. The best camp is the most expensive one

It is human nature to assume that we must pay a highest possible price for quality, but this isn’t exactly the case for summer camp. Instead of looking for the fanciest or most expensive summer camp for your child, you should find one that suits your child’s personality or areas of development. Other than price, location, course details and duration are also factors to consider when picking out the ideal summer camp.

2. My child must go with a friend to summer camp

A new and foreign environment may seem terrifying for your child, but just like school, your child will make friends in a short time. If your child goes with a close friend to summer camp, this may hinder their chance in making new friends, as they’ll stick together in their comfort zone and may alienate other children.

3. My child is too young for camp

Some parents may have the misconception that their child is too young for camp, but the fact is that there is a wide range of summer camp options for various ages. Instead of focusing on the age of your child, you should instead focus on the activities of the summer camp and whether these activities are suitable for your child’s age group.

4. Not every child is cut out for camp

Parents may assume that their quiet and shy children aren’t cut out for camp, but summer camp helps children develop certain skills, such as leadership and independence. Playing with large groups of children might be out of your child’s comfort zone, but your child will gradually adapt to the changes and become more social in the end.

5. I can start planning in spring

Popular summer camps fill up early in the year, so it’s never too early to start planning a fun and fulfilling summer holiday for your child. Instead of finding a random summer camp as a last minute resort, parents should carefully consider their options and decide whether their children will benefit from the chosen summer camp.

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3 Small Kickboxing Tweaks That Lead to Big Results

3 Small Kickboxing Tweaks Blog

If you’re going to kickboxing classes regularly, you may already feel stronger and leaner. Paired with good quality sleep and eating right, this should maximize your exercise results. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important, but sometimes all you need are a few simple tweaks to significantly improve your results. Here are three small adjustments to common kickboxing exercises that lead to big results.

1. The push-up

Some people tend to get lazy with push-ups and simply do it on their knees or only go halfway down. However, doing push-ups correctly will significantly improve your exercise results, as this will help you build strength in the targeted muscle areas. In order to do a correct push-up, you should go all the way down to the ground, until your chest is inches from the floor. Pause for a second when you’re down, then slow press back up and repeat the routine.

2. The crunch

Another exercise we do often during the warm-up of kickboxing class is the crunch. Some people just want to get it over with quickly, so they end up using the back of their heads to pull themselves up instead of their ab muscles. If order to reap the full benefits of crunches, you should focus on squeezing your abs and let your body slowly rise up and down. Once you use the correct form, you’ll see big results.

3. The squat

We do a lot of squats during the warmup segment of kickboxing class because it works so many muscles at once. But a mistake that many people make is not going down far enough. If you want a round and tight booty, make sure you squat all the way down to the ground instead of halfway. When you’re close to the floor, make sure you pause for a second or two to hold the squat before you come back up.

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5 Ways Summer Camp Will Help Your Child Succeed

feb sc article blog

If you don’t want your kid to become a couch potato and watch TV 12 hours a day, summer camp is a great way for your child to have fun, run around and mingle with other kids. Other than socializing and leading an active lifestyle, summer camp also helps your kid develop valuable life skills that will benefit them in the future. Here are 5 ways summer camp will help your child succeed:

  1. Get used to being more independent

When kids are taken out of their comfort zone, they learn to adapt to a new and unfamiliar environment. Since their parents aren’t there to protect them in summer camp (especially in sleepaway camps), they have to learn to fend for themselves. Becoming independent at a young age is a valuable life skill, as it will help your kid adapt quickly to changes and new environments, such as high school and college.

  1. Learn to work in a team environment

On the other hand, summer camp also teaches kids the importance of teamwork. As summer camp includes a range of group activities, kids have to learn to work with new friends and kids from different age groups. Even if they have different ideas and opinions, they learn to work together and compromise in order to achieve the end result.

  1. Boost their self-confidence

Learning a new skill or completing a new task can give kids a sense of accomplishment. At Urban Martial Arts, our karate sports summer camp helps boosts kids’ confidence, as karate is a new skill for most of them and they learn to conquer new challenges outside of the academic and social competition.

  1. Increase their self-esteem

If your kid suffers from low self-esteem, you should send them to a summer camp. As kids at summer camps are exposed to different personalities and age groups, this will help develop their interpersonal skills and hence build a higher sense of self-esteem. Once they learn how to interact with different kinds of people, they’ll no longer feel socially awkward or have a low self esteem.

  1. Learn to never give up

Sometimes kids require the support of other kids to develop perseverance. Encouragement from others in summer camps can help your kid develop this valuable life skill, as they will help motivate each other in completing challenging tasks. Once your child learns this valuable life skill, they’ll be able to develop perseverance internally and use it to get through challenges in life, such as studying for a difficult exam or learning to adapt to a new environment.

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5 Misconceptions People Have About Kickboxing

feb kick article blog

When people think of kickboxing, they often associate it with MMA fighters covered in blood, beating each other to a pulp. If you’re simply taking a fitness kickboxing class as a great cardio workout, you won’t become the next Anderson Silva in class and suffer a gruesome leg injury. Here are 5 misconceptions people have about kickboxing:

  1. Women get “ bulky”

A lot of women are afraid of doing kickboxing on a regular basis due to the fear of “bulking” up. Although kickboxing helps to build and tone muscle, you won’t become a bodybuilder simply by going to kickboxing classes on a regular basis. Kickboxing actually has an opposite effect on women – instead of bulking up, it enhances your feminine curves and gives you a boost in confidence.

  1. You get injured easily

Fitness kickboxing classes aren’t like what you see in the movie “Fight Club” – you won’t get a black eye or break a limb from attending the class. Since the classes are non-contact and take place in a controlled environment, you’re more likely to hurt yourself walking on the street rather than in a fitness kickboxing class.

  1. It promotes violence

Kickboxing doesn’t promote violence. Yes, if you practice it competitively, it is a full-contact sport. But like other forms of martial arts, kickboxing actually promotes focus and discipline. Professional MMA fights may look violent, but keep in mind that these shows are designed for entertainment purposes.

  1. You have to be super fit

Fitness kickboxing may look like an intense cardio workout, but at Urban Martial Arts, the classes are designed to accommodate all kinds of people, including beginners. You can go at your own pace to slowly build up your stamina. If you go too hard in the first class, you may become traumatized by the exhaustion and muscle pain and never go back to class again.

  1. It’s full of “sweaty men”

Some TV shows and movies may portray kickboxing as a “man’s sport” by showing a bunch of half-naked, sweaty men battling it out in the ring in dirty old gyms, but nowadays there are plenty of clean and modern facilities (like Urban Martial Arts!) that offer fitness kickboxing classes for men and women. Kickboxing actually has numerous benefits for women, as it is a great stress reliever and you can get a lean and toned body from the workout.

MLK Mega Fun Day January 19, 2015

Mega Fun Day Blog

There’s no better place for a kid to be on the MLK Day holiday than at our Mega Fun Day!

Your child will experience non-stop action, excitement, and fun.

Just have a look at what we’re packing into one day!

  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Nerf gun wars
  • Wii boxing challenge
  • Arts & crafts
  • Karate class
  • and much, much more!

It’s $79 for the day. Save your spot with just $50 down and pay rest by January 16th.

Spaces are going to fill up fast, so register today!

Click here to pay $50 to save your spot
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The activities will take place between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, but you can drop off as early as 8 am and pick up as late as 6 pm.

All you need to do is pack a lunch, a water bottle, and two snacks. Everything else is included!

Questions? Just call 718-287-5500.

Dodgeball Parents Night Out Jan 16, 2015

Dodgeball Parents Night Out at Urban Martial Arts

We think that hard-working parents like you deserve a night out on the town, kid-free!

So why not drop your child with us on Friday, January 16th from 6 pm to 9 pm for a night of dodgeball and pizza?

It’s just $25 per child. Each additional sibling can come for just $20.

The event is open to all kids aged 4 to 13 — and you do NOT have to be enrolled at Urban Martial Arts to participate.

It’s open to the public!

Click here to instantly pay and register.

Members: If you prefer, we can charge the fee to the card we have on file for you – just call us at 718-287-5500.

Or if you’d like to pay by cash or check, you can do that at the front desk.

Remember – space in the event is limited, so call us today at 718-287-5500 to find out if we have any spots open for your child!