Join Our Mega Fun Week April 14-22

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2014-03-31 Mega Fun Week Blog

There’s no better place to be during Spring Recess than at our Mega Fun Week!

Your child will experience non-stop action, excitement, and fun.

Just have a look at what we’re packing into a single week!

  • Board-breaking contest
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Nerf gun war
  • Pizza party
  • Wii boxing match
  • Jumping/spinning kick contest
  • Wii bowling challenge
  • Popcorn and movie day
  • Limbo competition
  • Plus FREE field trips!

Spaces will fill up fast, so register today!

Click here to pay $50 to save your spot
Click here to pay the $399 in full

Check out this video to see how much fun our campers had at the last Mega Fun Week!

The activities will take place between 9:30 am and 5 pm daily, but you can drop off as early as 8 am and pick up as late as 6 pm.

The tuition for all 7 days is $399. Save your spot with just $50 down. The balance is due anytime before April 12th.

Click here to pay $50 to save your spot
Click here to pay the $399 in full

Payment plans are available. Just call 718-287-5500.

Why Kickboxing Class Is a Better Workout Than the Gym

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Why Kickboxing Class Is a Better Workout Than the Gym

When most people think of exercising and working out, they think of gyms and not kickboxing classes. This kind of thinking is probably one of the major reasons why people do not lose as much weight as they could or follow through on their exercise routine.

For most people, kickboxing provides a far better workout than going to the gym by yourself. Kickboxing provides all the benefits of a gym and has extra benefits of its own without the detraction that most gyms have.

Here are a few reasons why kickboxing class is a better workout than the gym.

1. Gyms are for people who already know how to work out

By their very nature and design, gyms are for people who are already experts at working out. It is a great place for people who have studied anatomy and physiology and know the ins and outs of proper technique. However, because there is no guidance, over 90% of the people in a gym are doing useless exercises, using too much weight and performing every movement improperly. In a good kickboxing class like the ones offered by Urban Martial Arts, you get proper guidance to target and effectively lose weight and tone up. You do the moves that are shown to you, so even if you have no background in it, you get the instruction and support you need to work out properly.

2. Personal training is effective, but too expensive

One way to circumvent the pitfalls of going to the gym on your own is to get a personal trainer. With this you can get amazing results, but for most people, getting a personal trainer is too expensive to do on an ongoing basis like you need. The L Magazine rated the kickboxing program at Urban Martial Arts as one of NYC’s top 10 workouts, and said that taking the class feels like you’re working with a personal trainer, though of course you’re paying a fraction of the price.

3. You don’t use your time efficiently at the gym

It’s easy to spend time at the gym doing everything but exercising. It almost seems like the gym is designed to waste your time! From primping in the locker room, to waiting for equipment, to chatting with other members, you’re just not using your time efficiently. Your time is valuable, so why not burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time? That’s what happens at the Urban Martial Arts kickboxing program. Not a minute is wasted. You come in, put on your gloves, and right away you’re kicking and punching your way to a better body!

4. It’s easy to plateau at a gym

When you work out without guidance, you’re likely to get to a point where you stop seeing results. This leads to a plateau in your routine and is very common at gyms. People who take kickboxing classes are much less likely to plateau because there’s always something new to learn. When people first start out, they’re often focused on just getting through the class because it’s so challenging, but when their stamina is up, they become more focused on perfecting the technique of their kicks and punches. Once you’ve got the technique down, you get excited about increasing your speed, power, and accuracy. This is why kickboxers don’t plateau as easily, and why they never get bored.

5. No one at the gym is there to push you

When you work out on your own, there’s not much motivation to really push yourself. Kickboxing classes give you a group scenario where you’re not only motivated by the instructor, but by the sense of community you have from other members of the class. In this setting, you’re much more likely to push through your imagined limits and burn more calories

There are several benefits that come with a group class setting like kickboxing. You get the support of your classmates as well as the motivation of your coach. Kickboxing also offers you a far superior overall workout experience than what you would get in the average gym.

When you consider that you burn anywhere between 600 and 800 calories in a single kickboxing class and that your metabolism stays high even after the class, there can be no argument about the superiority of kickboxing classes to going to the gym on your own.

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Why Kids Who Do Karate Get Better Grades

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Why Kids Who Do Karate Get Better Grades

Training in karate gives your child a whole lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and often helps with their self-esteem.

But did you know that karate classes can help your child do better in school?

Karate helps with the development of a lot of skills that students need, so if your child is struggling with school work, you might want to consider registering him/her for karate classes.

1. Rigorous academics require discipline

A good student is one who understands that life is not a free-for-all, where they can just do what they want when they want. Good students do their homework even when their favorite show is on TV. In order to get good grades, they must complete their homework, turn it in on time, and study and prepare for tests. The trait necessary for achieving all these is discipline. Karate helps to develop this discipline because it helps students learn structure, order and most importantly, how to have self-control.

2. Being prepared leads to success

Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Much of academic success hinges on being prepared and organized. Think about it, what good is it to write the greatest essay since Charles Dickens if you leave it at home and so can’t turn it in on time? Karate teaches kids that they always need to be prepared. For example, when they’re getting to spar, they know they need to stay in fighting stance and stay on their bounce so they can explode into action when they need to. Kids who train in karate carry this trait over to their school work.

3. Good students have to be able to focus

With all the opportunities and channels of entertainment available to today’s kids it can get difficult to focus. But in order to cope with rigorous schoolwork, students must learn how to listen to the teachers and not get distracted by their surroundings. Karate can help your child to develop this very important character trait; focus and concentration. When in karate class, they learn to shut out distractions, whether they’re external (classmates playing around) or internal (negative thoughts and doubts).

4. Setting and achieving goals is critical to success

Success comes from achieving a series of smaller goals which ultimately culminates in the accomplishment of larger goals. In school, this could mean finishing an essay on time or reading a few chapters ahead of the class. In karate, it means passing an evaluation and earning a new belt. As a karate student, your child learns to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing goals and this will spur them to seek out opportunities to replicate in school and at home.

5. Physical activity builds cognitive functions

Researchers have discovered that physical activity levels have been positively linked to cognitive function during development in school-aged children. Besides the neurological connotations, giving kids an outlet to move their bodies can actually help them academically by improving their memory and increasing their attention span. Karate is a very physical activity so can help build cognitive functions as well as serve as an outlet to help improve memory.

Karate can be extremely useful for your children to boost their school grades if they are already A students. If they are having problems with school work, it can also help them by helping to develop necessary skills to become a very good student.

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Why Your Child Should Compete in a Karate Tournament

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Why Your Child Should Compete in a Karate Tournament

If your child has never competed in a karate tournament before, you may have some misconceptions of what’s involved. In fact, there are many great benefits that your child will derive from participating in a karate tournament and here are five of them.

1. Put your skills to the test

In karate, as in most other sports, you spend a lot of time and energy going through trainings and drills to improve your skills and get better at karate. The field of play in karate is not the local stadium but the karate tournament. Why should your child spend so much time in karate class working on kicks, punches, flexibility and learn all those sparring combinations and strategies if they never get the opportunity to test their skills? That’s like studying so hard for a test they’ll never take!

2. Up your game by sparring new opponents

When you’ve trained with a particular group of individuals, over time it becomes easy for you to tell their strengths as well as their weaknesses. So you know that Cindi’s sidekick is powerful but she drops her hands or that Jeff has a great blitz and all you have to do to avoid him is to change your angle. When you know all these, you stop learning and you stop getting better. That is one of the best things about karate tournaments. It forces you to compete with people you don’t know, making you up your game.

3. See the world beyond your karate school

You know how when you travel for the first time, or read a book about another culture, you realize that the world is way bigger than your hometown? Well that’s what a karate tournament does for your child. Your child (and you) gets to see displays by some of the best martial artists in the area. It opens their eyes, and mind, to see that the world is way bigger than their karate school. Plus you get to meet a lot of cool people who may become famous actors tomorrow. For example, did you know that Twilight star Taylor Lautner toured the karate tournament circuit before becoming a movie heartthrob?

4. Bond with your classmates

Karate is not technically a team sport, but when you’re taking classe in a place like Urban Martial Arts, you build a kind of team spirit with every one of your classmates. And when you go to a karate tournament, the camaraderie is boosted even more. When one person is sparring, the whole group comes out to cheer and if one person loses or gets hurt the whole group consoles the person. Plus there is a ton of fun involved in karate tournaments which is a great opportunity for bonding.

5. Strengthen your character

The ultimate aim of most martial arts is to build the character of the participants. Karate is not different. Of course going into the tournament, you should have winning as your goal. However, participants should realize that no matter the outcome, they will learn a great deal from the experience. Karate tournaments are a character building exercise, helping some achieve humility and others gain confidence.

Whatever your child’s experience level or skill, karate tournaments are just the thing for them. They’ll learn a lot, meet a lot of new people and have new adventures while having fun.

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Why Kickboxing Class Burns So Many Calories

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Why Kickboxing Class Burns So Many Calories

Kickboxing is a fun way to lose weight and keep fit. Not only do you learn skills that may come in handy one day, you also burn a lot of calories.

You can burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories in just one kickboxing class! Here’s why:

1. You work out your entire body

When you are kickboxing, you are basically working on every major muscle group in your body. This means that there is a lot more of your body involved in the exercise. When you punch, you work on your upper body and when you kick, you are working on your lower body. This is part of what makes kickboxing such an intense workout session: you are working out muscles from all the major muscle groups at the same time. Also, when you are rotating and pivoting, you strengthen your core muscles.

2. You blast fat through built-in interval training

Research has proven that shorter, high-intensity cardio sessions lead to greater fat loss over a period of time than longer, low-intensity sessions. The rhythm of a kickboxing class naturally incorporates interval training, giving you time to catch your breath between high intensity cardio sessions. When you work through a combination of kicks and pauses, you pause then do the combination again.

3. You get resistance from the heavy bag

If you take a cardio kickboxing class at a gym, you’re just punching in the air. But if you take a real kickboxing class at Urban Martial Arts, you’ll use a Wavemaster (or heavy bag). The bag gives you a lot of resistance, which means that you will use more energy and strength to hit the bag, all leading to you burning more calories.

4. You amp it up through plyometric training

Plyometrics is a term used to describe superfast explosive movements. Kickboxing classes at Urban Martial Arts are full of plyometric exercises like burpees and jump squats. Plyometrics help your weight loss process because it makes your muscles more elastic and supple, allowing you to handle workouts of increasing intensity a lot more efficiently. This is one of the big reasons why kickboxing classes are great for weight loss. Even after class is over, you’ll still feel the effects.

5. The class pushes through your imagined limits

When you work out on your own, there is not really a lot of motivation to really push yourself to the max. In fact when you work out on your own, it can be difficult to complete any regimented workout schedule. But in a group class atmosphere like the one provided at Urban Martial Arts, you’re not only motivated by the instructor, but by the sense of community you have from other members. This mean that you are far more likely to push through whatever limits you think are constraining you and burn even more calories.

Kickboxing is quite possibly the best work out that there is today. It is high intensity, burns a lot of calories and leaves you feeling good even while your metabolism remains high after the class. It really is a win-win.

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Classes Cancelled Today, Thursday Feb 13 Due to Weather

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Please note that there will be no karate or kickboxing classes today, Thursday February 13th due to the extreme weather.

We will still be picking up children as part of our after-school program and running that program until the usual time.

As for tomorrow’s schedule, we will wait to see what the Department of Education decides. If public schools are closed tomorrow, then we will cancel classes as well.

Five Ways to Avoid Injury in Kickboxing Class

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Stay Injury-Free in Kickboxing Blog

Every sport carries with it the risk of injury and kickboxing is no exception. So it’s important to keep safety in mind. We’ve come up with a few tips that will help you avoid injury in your kickboxing class.

1. Don’t stretch cold muscles

Contrary to popular belief, pre-workout stretching (or static stretching) isn’t good for you. In fact, studies show it can actually make you slower and weaker. If you arrive for your class early, you’d be better off warming up your muscles than stretching them out. So jog around a little or do some jumping jacks to get those muscles warm and ready for the class. Stretching should be done in the middle or at the end of a workout, not at the beginning, to avoid all forms of injury.

2. Don’t kick with your toes

Round kicks are an essential part of kickboxing. As our safety-conscious instructors at Urban Martial Arts will tell you, it should always be your instep that hits the heavy bag, never your toes. (The instep is the top, flat part of your foot.) If you hit the heavy bag with your toes, you risk breaking your toes and causing serious damage. When kicking, be sure to point your toes so they won’t be perpendicular to the bag.

3. Pivot your foot during round kicks

One of the most common moves in kickboxing is the round kick. The instructors at Urban Martial Arts will correct your technique in class, but keep in mind when doing a round kick that the foot that is not kicking should always pivot. If you do not pivot, you leave one half of your body immobile, which can be dangerous and cause injury. It also gives your kick less power.

4. Don’t lift your elbow when you punch

Kickboxing combines two major components, kicking and punching. When starting a punch, remember to place your elbow as close to the body as possible. Try not to lift your elbow up to the right or left of your body at the start of a punch. If you do, it’ll place too much strain on your shoulder, causing injuries to the muscles and tendons of the shoulder region.

5. Don’t drop your hands

Whenever you’re finished throwing a punch, you should go right back to fighting stance, where your hands are up. If you drop your hands, you are likely to forget proper form and punch from your hip, which could lead to injury. Not to mention, of course, if you were to drop your hands in a real fight, you’d leave your face wide open for your opponent to punch. So keep those hands up!

Kickboxing is a fun and high intensity workout that can help you burn up to 800 calories per class. Not only that, kickboxing keeps your metabolism rate up even after your workout. But it is important that you take steps to guarantee your safety while working out. If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be in good shape.

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5 Ways to Save on Summer Camp Costs

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5 Ways to Save on Summer Camp Costs

It might be months before summer is here, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the financial demands that summer camp will make on your budget. But don’t worry – it is possible to create memories your child will cherish forever without dipping into their college fund! Here are some ways to do it.

1. Register early in the year to pay the least amount

If you are really looking to maximise your savings on summer camp, the best way by far is to begin the process very early. Here’s the thing: Camps love parents who register as early as possible and reward them with huge discounts. In many cases, you can even pre-register your children for next year’s camp WHILE this year’s camp is going on! So, know the deadlines and jump on for great early bird rates.

2. Ask if they offer payment plans

You may not have to pay for summer camp in one huge lump sum. Many camps will let you work out a flexible payment plan. If you spread out the payment over the year, it’s a whole lot easier for your bank account to absorb than releasing a huge amount of cash in one go.

3. Sign up for fewer weeks

Your child does need to be in camp for the whole summer to have a wonderful experience. If you cannot afford to send your child to camp for the whole summer, sign up for a few weeks instead. Summer camps will often allow you sign up for 3 to 5 weeks rather than the whole summer. It’ll cost you less too.

4. Know what costs are not included

You need to know exactly what you are paying for. Some camps make you buy equipment or pay for field trips. Others charge late fees if you pick your child up late, or no-call fees if your child is absent and you do not inform them. So, find out exactly what is and is not included in your tuition and plan accordingly.

5. See if you qualify for a tax break

The child and dependent care credit provides a tax break for many parents who are responsible for the cost of childcare. So if you paid a day care center, baby sitter or summer camp, you may qualify for a tax break. Talk to your accountant to see if you can take advantage of this tax break, and it may add a few bucks to your tax refund.

Summer camps are great fun for children, and offer experiences that lead to long-lasting memories. There are a lot of avenues open to you to ensure that you give your child the best available without hurting your bank account too much, so take advantage of these opportunities and give your child that dream summer camp adventure!

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How To Do Push Ups Correctly

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Push-ups have been a staple of exercise forever for one very simple reason: they work.

When done properly, push-ups help develop strength not only in the forearms, shoulders, chest, but they also help you build a strong core.

That’s why we always incorporate push-ups into our fitness kickboxing classes.

But how do you do push-ups correctly? Check out this video tutorial for some tips:

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How to Survive Your First Kickboxing Class

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How to Survive Your First Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing can seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips that will help you feel confident walking into that class for the first time.

Kickboxing is a great way to lose weight and get fit. But it could seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips that will help you feel confident walking into that class for the first time.

1. Don’t Work Out On An Empty Stomach

Researchers have discovered that working out on an empty stomach actually causes you to lose muscle instead of developing muscle. That’s no good because the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolism will be, which makes it harder to lose weight. You also want to make sure you eat something because you’ll need fuel to burn during the class. Without enough energy to turn up the intensity, you’ll burn fewer calories, which defeats the purpose of working out in the first place!

To ensure you have enough fuel to burn, have a small snack 30 to 60 minutes before kickboxing class. Try one slice of bread with peanut butter, an apple, or a protein bar. Any of these choices will give you enough energy to power through your workout. Make sure you don’t have a full meal just before working out because that could leave you feeling bloated and nauseous. Your last large meal should be at least 2 hours before class so that you give the food time to digest.

2. Stay Hydrated During Class

Kickboxing is a very intense and physical activity. That means even in a quality studio like Urban Martial Arts, where all the care is taken to guarantee your comfort while exercising, you will sweat – a lot. So you need to replenish those fluids. Don’t drink a whole bottle of water before class because doing so will only leave you feeling nauseous and barely capable of working out. What you should do instead is take small sips throughout the class, just enough to keep you hydrated. Plain water, Vitamin Water, or even sports drinks like Gatorade work well, but avoid juice or protein shakes. Those are better AFTER you’re done working out.

3. Don’t Be A Hero – Go At Your Own Pace

When it comes to working out, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone can do extremely intense physical workouts, so you need to ignore everyone else and go at your own pace. It’s not a competition. You don’t want to hurt yourself because you’re trying to keep up with your buddy. Please stay safe and go at the pace you feel comfortable with.

4. Ask For Help If You’re Feeling Unsure

If you’re in a quality studio like Urban Martial Arts, the instructors will check on you frequently, especially if it’s your first class. But even with all the attention, it’s still fine to ask the instructors questions if you’re not clear about something. Remember: there is no such thing as a stupid question. In fact, if you need to ask a question, chances are, others are confused as well but don’t want to ask. If for some reason you don’t want to ask the instructor, you can ask seasoned students (not your fellow newbie).

5. Believe In Yourself – You Got This!

This may well be the hardest thing you have done physically but you can do it. And you will have fun while doing it. It doesn’t matter if you flunked gym class in high school or if you’ve gained a few pounds. You will walk into that class, sweat, have fun and have the best time of your life!

You can burn up to 800 calories per class in kickboxing class, and have a ton of fun. Keep these five tips in mind when you start kickboxing and have a great time!

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