The Quality Alternative to daycare or babysitting

Want something better than daycare or babysitting?

Then consider the Urban Martial Arts transported karate after-school program.

Our program includes free transportation from five different schools in our area.

Students receive daily karate and character development lessons, and work towards their goal of earning a black belt.

Each day’s schedule also includes a large block of free time during which students can do homework and have a snack.

We help children reach their peak potential

Our kids karate program is unique in that we combine both a world-class martial arts curriculum and a world-class character development curriculum.

Because of the in-depth martial arts training our students receive, thay regularly take top ranking at regional and national karate tournaments.

But we believe that martial arts isn’t just about physical skills.

It’s also about developing character.

That’s why we´re developed an outstanding character development curriculum for our karate class students.

In order to move through our belt rank system, students have to meet requirements for both the physical and the character portions of our curriculum.

That’s what sets our karate program apart from other karate schools in Brooklyn.

What Parents have to say

  • A great place run by great people!

    "We send our son to Urban Martial Arts for the after school pick up and he loves it. All of the staff members are always kind and courteous with us and all the children. Our son has learned to focus and be disciplined about school work, as well as his martial arts. This is a great place run by great people who work very hard to maintain high standards of service."~ Michael M.
  • The program is well-organized and professional

    "My daughter is in the after school program and takes karate lessons. She is very excited by the progress she is making with her lessons. She is especially thrilled now that she has progressed to sparring. The program is well-organized and professional. They help her with her homework, and she learns from her peers. I recommend it for parents looking for after school programs for kids at PS 217."~ Peter S.
  • I love Urban Martial Arts!

    "I love Urban Martial Arts! My son has been going here for the after school program since the beginning of school year. I can't express how much they have worked with my son. I remember my son looking so sloppy to having a great form now and I couldn't be more proud. Sensei Wyatt and Sensei Serge are great with the kids and I love watching how they can be fun and tough at the same time. My son loves coming here and never, ever have a bad feeling from this place. I would recommend this place to anyone who lives around the area."~ Vivian A.
  • We appreciate the discipline instilled as well as the fun atmosphere

    "My husband and I found Urban Martial Arts in fall 2011 when we were desperately looking for an after-school option for our son who was entering kindergarten. Fast forward to fall 2015, and we are still there. Now, both of our kids go to both the after-school program and the summer camp, and I also take their kickboxing classes. We have watched UMA grow as both a physical space and as a program. We appreciate the discipline instilled as well as the fun atmosphere that the teachers/counselors are able to create. I have enjoyed watching my son go from the kindergarten student who was being helped by the older kids to being one of the older kids who now helps the younger ones. This type of mentorship is encouraged. Both my kids learned to tie their karate belts from older students and my daughter learned to tie her shoes there too! We like that it is a family-run business and that Sensei and Carmen have children of their own who are often at UMA too. We like the diversity of the kids, both in terms of background and in terms of ages. For the camp, they have fun outings, go out to the playground, and have karate drills classes. For after school, unfortunately they aren't able to get outdoors, but my kids do almost always come home with their homework done! If you are looking for an after-school option and/or a camp where your kids will learn the importance of discipline and respect and perseverance as well as build confidence and have fun to boot, UMA is the place!" ~ Amy R.
  • Teachers who really care

    "This is a truly great place. It's quickly becoming a keystone of the neighborhood. Great teachers who really care about kids. They are kind but disciplined. My daughter has been so happy with both her summer camp and after-school program. Terrific!"~ Emily V.

Are we right for your family?

If you´re deeply committed to helping your child reach their peak potential in all aspects of life, then Urban Martial Arts will be a great fit.

But if you’re just looking for a babysitting service, we´re not the right program for you.

Why not?

Because at Urban Martial Arts, our mission is to train black belts. We are an educational institution, not a casual activity center. Though our classes are fun and fast-paced, our curriculum is rigorous and therefore we demand commitment from both students and their families.