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Karate Classes for Kids in Brooklyn

Unlock the key to better focus and greater confidence!

As a parent, you know the enormous potential your child has within, but sometimes you might worry they won’t make the most of their natural gifts. Maybe your child can’t focus long enough to get things done. Maybe he doesn’t have enough self-control. Or maybe she’s shy and plagued by self-doubt. That’s where karate for kids in Brooklyn really makes a difference.

We help children reach their peak potential in life.

At Urban Martial Arts in Brooklyn, we’re passionate about what we do because every day, we see exactly how life-transforming the study of martial arts can be. Our kids karate classes and programs for children age 4 and up are unique in that we combine both a world-class martial arts curriculum and a world-class character development curriculum.

Because of the in-depth martial arts training our students receive, they regularly take top rankings at regional and national karate tournaments.

Martial arts is about developing character!
That’s why we’ve developed an outstanding character development curriculum for our karate class students. In order to move through our belt rank system, students have to meet requirements for both the physical and the character portions of our curriculum.

That’s what sets our karate program apart from other karate schools in Brooklyn.

Are we the right program for your family?

If you’re deeply committed to helping your child reach his or her peak potential in all aspects of life, then Urban Martial Arts will be a great fit. But if you don’t have any clear goals for your child and you just want an activity to fill up some free time, we’re not the right kids karate program for you.

Why not? Because at Urban Martial Arts, our mission is to train black belts. We are an educational institution, not a casual activity center. Though our classes are fun and fast-paced, our curriculum is rigorous and therefore we demand commitment from both students and their families.

Did you know that karate can enhance your child’s focus?

Karate helps kids focus better, because learning new kicks, blocks, and forms takes concentration. Children also learn how critical it is to pay attention to their opponent’s movements.

Help your child build confidence!
Martial arts build up children’s confidence so that they are able to project an aura of strength and ensure that bullies do not perceive them as easy targets.

Improve your child’s discipline.
Karate lessons for kids provide a clear-cut and consistent structure of discipline that helps them learn which types of behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

Help your child treat others with greater respect.
At Urban Martial Arts, we teach children in Brooklyn that everyone deserves respect and that no one deserves to be mistreated. Also, if they want to be respected by others, they first must learn to respect themselves.

Increase your child’s capacity for self-control.
Karate helps kids become more aware of their own thoughts and emotions, training them to control negative impulses that will stop a negative situation from spiraling into conflict or violence.

Develop your child’s leadership skills.
At Urban Martial Arts, we teach students to be leaders, not followers. As they rise through belt ranks, students also come to understand the importance of helping newer students and being a model that others want to emulate.

Teach your child to defend himself.
Self-defense techniques are a core part of our martial arts curriculum. When children know how to defend themselves, they will naturally project a much more confident image and thus not come across as an easy target for bullies.

No matter your reason for pursuing karate for kids in Brooklyn, we’d love to help you decide if our karate class is right for your child. As one of the most comprehensive karate schools in Brooklyn, we are confident that we can help your child become well rounded. Call Urban Martial Arts today (718) 287-5500 for more information, and don’t forget to ask about our karate summer camp!