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Urban Martial Arts has been featured in: Daily News, Fox News, Inc, Crains and The L Magazine

Kickboxing – Brooklyn

Looking for something better than the gym?

Have you been paying for a gym membership for months — or even years — without seeing any results? You’re not alone. Statistics show that two-thirds of people who own gym memberships never actually use them. At a traditional gym, you don’t get any guidance unless you shell out big bucks for a personal trainer.

So you end up doing the same thing every time you go. Which translates into zero results. It’s a completely different experience with Urban Martial Arts’ kickboxing. Brooklyn residents can count on personalized attention and fun classes to get them in shape.

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.

The L Magazine recently named our Brooklyn kickboxing class as one of NYC’s top workouts. Why? Because when you take our class, it feels like you’re working with a personal trainer. Except, of course, you’re paying a fraction of what a trainer would cost.

If you want to lose weight, build muscle tone, and get in shape, try the fitness kickboxing program at Urban Martial Arts! You’ll have a great time while also improving your body.

Did you know? Kickboxing helps you…

  • Burn fat… even when you’re not working out!
  • Kickboxing helps increase your metabolism. And once your metabolism gets revved up, you turn into a fat-burning machine!
  • Get firm and toned
  • Because our kickboxing workout classes incorporate strength training, you’re going to lose the jiggle and develop longer and leaner muscles.
  • Increase your endurance and stamina
  • Once you’ve experienced our intense kickboxing workout, juggling everything else — work, school, kids — will seem easy in comparison.
  • Improve your flexibility and coordination
  • With all that kicking and punching, your body is going to learn how to operate at peak efficiency. Plus, it’ll help prevent injury.
  • Rebuild your self-confidence
  • After our kickboxing classes, Brooklyn residents will be in the best shape of their lives. And when you feel good about yourself, others will notice too!

Kickboxing is a workout you’ll actually stick with!

Here’s the best part: Our fitness kickboxing classes are so much fun that this is a workout program you’ll actually find it easy to stick with! There are more benefits than just the calories burned. Kickboxing is fun and exciting, so you’ll enjoy it and want to come back for more. Plus, you’ll be learning how to kick and punch real heavy bags! So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for practical fitness, kickboxing is for you. Gain strength and trim down with the help of a dedicated kickboxing instructor. Get started today by contacting the helpful staff at Urban Martial Arts. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about kickboxing. Brooklyn residents can call today (718) 287-5500 to schedule their introduction class!