Top 10 reads on health and fitness – 5/8/2010

By Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi
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Here’s a round-up of the 10 best tips and articles we found this week on fitness, nutrition, health, child safety, and childhood obesity prevention.

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Bullies Target Obese Kids
New study: being overweight increases the risk of kids being the target of bullying by 63 percent.

Mental MMA!
How to become a better martial artist by tapping into the power of visualization.

The Top 7 Kicks in Martial Arts Movie History
YouTube videos of the top 7 foot-smacks doled out in martial arts movie history, based on a combination of style, athleticism, and influence in pop culture.

Men get their own super-skinny mannequins – and a host of new body issues
Male mannequins with 27-inch waists are making their debut in Britain, as doctors report more male patients being treated for eating disorders.

‘Naked Chef’ Jamie Oliver: British McDonald’s is healthier than the American version
Trek to the Golden Arches in England and you’ll eat healthier than you would at a stateside Mickey D’s. That’s the word from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who praised the UK McDonald’s for its free range eggs, organic milk and quality beef.

They Deliver, But Do Their Diets?
Trying Out Delivered Diet Meals: A test of four companies that deliver healthy meals in New York.

Sugary school meals hit lobbyists’ sweet spot
Why doesn’t anyone regulate the amount of sugar kids are fed at school? Because of the powerful sugar lobbyists.

Lose Your Belly Workout
No time? With this workout, you can target your entire core in 15 minutes flat!

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Strategies for Indulgence
Love to bake but worried about your waistline? Freeze portions of what u make to enjoy later.

The secret to stopping a bully?
The best way to stop bullying may be to teach the bystanders how not to give the bully an audience.