Why Urban Martial Arts Is THE Place to Be This Summer

By Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi, originally published at http://www.urbandojo.com/blog

From now until the end of the summer, we’re doing a different fun theme each week in class!

Week of July 19 – Sports Week

Wear your favorite team’s jersey to work out instead of your uniform! We want to see you represent the sports you love!

Week of July 26 – Family Week

Bring your mom, dad, grandma, brother, sister, cousin, or any other family member and have them work out next to you in class – for free!

Week of August 2 – Icy Week

We want you to stay cool, so we’re going to hand out FREE frozen treats after every class this week! It’s our treat!

Week of August 9 – Shorts Week

Get a break from wearing your uniform for this week only! Come to class wearing your UMA T-shirt and shorts, instead of your uniform pants!

Week of August 16 – Contest Week

We know how much you love contests, so for this entire week, every single class will include cool kicking contests, speed contests, and more!

Week of August 23 – Candy Week

To reward you for all the hard training you’ve put in throughout the summer, we’re going to hand out free candy at the end of each class. It’s our treat!