68-Year-Old Man Takes Up Karate and Rollerskating

By Sensei Serge Sognonvi and Carmen Sognonvi, originally published at http://www.urbandojo.com/blog

Next time you find yourself making excuses why you’re not getting any exercise, think about Graham Newton in Norwich, England.

He’s a 68-year-old man who has just taken up karate and rollerskating to keep himself in shape!

The Norwich Evening News 24 has more:

Martial arts is just one way Graham is keeping himself in tip-top condition – he also goes roller skating once a week in Norwich with his ten-year-old son. In fact it’s a sporting Sunday for Graham as he goes to his karate lesson in the morning and just after lunch he puts on his skates for an hour on the rink.

“My ten-year-old son was the one who got me into karate and roller skating,” says Graham. “Many people ask me if I can actually keep upright when roller skating, but it’s just like riding a bike – it’s something that you never forget. All I do is make sure that I get my balance and then I’m away!

“I’m not as light on my feet as I used to be and I do find that it is harder to keep up in lessons and on the skating rink, but this doesn’t mean that I cannot exercise.

“The more I do, the more I find I can do.

“If you think that just because you are older you cannot do the things you used to do, think again. I’m living proof that you can do anything no matter what it is whatever your age and ability. It’s never too late to start exercising.”

We love your attitude, Mr. Newton!

Photo Credit: Antony Kelly for Norwich Evening News 24

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