How Karate Can Help You Become a Better Dancer

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How Karate Can Help You Become a Better DancerEvery once in awhile, we’ll hear that a student is considering giving up on karate to pursue dance instead. People often don’t realize though, how well karate and dance complement each other.

1. Flexibility
Karate helps develop flexibility, which is critical in dance.

2. Fitness
Karate is great for increasing one’s cardiovascular capacity and stamina, both of which dancers need.

3. Strength
Karate helps students develop strength in their core and limbs, which is critical in dance.

4. Memorization
Performing kata, or forms, in karate helps kids memorize sequences of movements, and that’s useful for dancers who need to learn choreography.

It didn’t surprise me then, to read about this Scottish teen whose karate training has put him at a distinct advantage over other dance students.

Andrew Cook building on the great foundation he got from earning his 2nd-degree black belt in karate to pursue a career in ballet:

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Cook, a second dan black belt, is set to follow a dream of one day performing on the West End by pursuing his passion for dance…

“The karate’s been incredibly useful, especially for me being a late starter, as it’s given me flexibility and the ability to memorise sequences of movements.

“And I’ve had no taunting at all about doing ballet, apart from friends, but that’s just banter.”

Andrew, who started ballet just two and a half years ago, was also offered a place at Manchester but says the remote Scottish school, near Oban, “felt right”.

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