How Parents Benefit From After-School Programs for Kids

By Carmen Sognonvi, originally published at

Kids who participate in after-school programs are more likely to stay in school, get better grades, are less likely to be involved in criminal activity, and are less likely to be victim of violent crime.

But after-school programs hold benefits for parents – not just for kids.

Parents whose kids are enrolled in after-school programs…

1. Spend more quality time with kids
Because many after-school programs for kids provide students with homework assistance, kids have already finished their homework by the time they get home. Parents can simply review the homework with their kids, instead of helping them complete the homework. This leaves them much more time to spend with their children.

2. Experience lower levels of stress
In a study done by UCLA, 75% of parents surveyed said that they worried less about their kids’ safety and felt more energetic in the evenings since enrolling their kids in an after-school program.

3. Miss fewer days of work
Parents who worry about their children’s whereabouts during after-school hours miss an average of 8 days of work each year, according to a Brandeis University study. And one study of New York City parents found that 75% of parents missed less work than they did previously as a direct result of enrolling their children in an after-school program for kids.

4. Have an easier time keeping their job
Since parents who enroll their kids in after-school programs have lower levels of stress and miss fewer days of work, it’s not surprising that they are better regarded by their employers. The study of NYC parents found that 74% of parents agreed that after-school programs made it easier for them to keep their job.

5. Can work more hours (if they choose to)
Since parents whose kids are enrolled in after-school programs don’t have to worry about their kids’ safety, they are able to work longer hours at their jobs. The NYC study found that 71% of parents surveyed reported they were able to work more hours because their children were enrolled in the program.

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