The 5 Best Quotes from The Karate Kid

By Carmen Sognonvi, originally published at

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, “The Karate Kid” (the 1984 original that is) will always be a nostalgic favorite.

I recently came across this article on Screen Junkies that counts down the 5 best quotes from the movie.

1. “You’re telling me.”
When they arrive at their new home in California, Daniel’s mother, Lucille, says to him: “This is it. This is the end of the line.” Daniel responds, “You’re telling me,” in this quote that expresses his state of mind about the move from New Jersey.

2. “Don’t know. First time.”
Another memorable, humorous “Karate Kid” quote occurs when Mr. Miyagi karate chops the tops off three beer bottles. When Daniel asked how he did that, Mr. Miyagi responds, “Don’t know. First time.”

Visit Screen Junkies to check out quotes 3 through 5 on their list.

Which is your favorite?

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