Urban Martial Arts Rocked the House at the 2011 Twin Towers Karate Tournament!

By Carmen Sognonvi, originally published at http://www.urbandojo.com/blog

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Twin Towers Karate Tournament 2011 in Manhattan this weekend!

This was definitely one of the most challenging tournaments we’ve participated in so far. It was exciting to watch the caliber of talent at this event. What an amazing opportunity for our students to experience this level of competition!

Urban Martial Arts took home two 1st place trophies, two 2nd place trophies, four 3rd place trophies, and five 4th place trophies!

For a few of our students, this was only their first or second tournament and as you’ll see in the video above, they showed a lot of heart!

Great job, everybody! We look forward to seeing how you’ll do in the next tournament!

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1st Place
Andrew Blake (30-39 Men Forms)
Andrew Blake (30-39 Men Fighting)

2nd Place
Christopher Djama (12-13 Advanced Boys/Girls Open Forms)
Jonathan Pierre-Louis (10-11 Beginner Boys/Girls Open Forms)

3rd Place
Kiara Brown (8-9 Advanced Girls Fighting)
Aaron Rice (8-9 Advanced Boys/Girls Open Forms)
Shane Rosales (10-11 Beginner Boys Open Forms)
Nicholas Vadi (8-9 Beginner Boys Fighting)

4th Place
Christopher Djama (12-13 Advanced Boys/Girls Weapons)
Christopher Djama (12-13 Advanced Boys Fighting)
Aaron Rice (8-9 Advanced Boys/Girls Weapons)
Stephan Rosales (10-11 Beginner Boys/Girls Open Forms)
Nicholas Vadi (8-9 Beginner Boys Open Forms)

Andre Alexis (8-9 Intermediate Boys Fighting)
Ted Berman (8-9 Intermediate Boys Fighting)
Ryan Davis (6-7 Beginner Boys Fighting)
Kimberly Rice (10-11 Advanced Girls Weapons, Open Forms, Fighting)
Soren Sannikov (6-7 Beginner Boys Fighting)
Jovenel St Jean (10-11 Intermediate Boys Fighting)