Classes Have Come to Urban Martial Arts!

We want to share some very EXCITING news about Urban Martial Arts…

Weʼve just teamed up with the nationʼs fastest growing – and funnest – fitness & fat loss program around:

The program!

This program truly helps people lose fat fast, and get lean & healthy. Plus itʼs a TON of FUN!

This means we can now help you with self-defense… AND weight loss… at the same time!

If youʼre ready to lose that extra weight, boost your energy, and feel more confident than ever…

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Weʼre thrilled to add this program to our school because of the powerful, life-changing benefits:

==> FAST Fat Loss

(Most people lose anywhere from 8-14 pounds in the first 2 weeks alone. After the first week youʼll already be pounds lighter – and more energized than ever.

This program is a powerful way to live a healthier, happier, leaner lifestyle.)

==> So much FUN it should be illegal

(Most people have so much fun, they completely forget that theyʼre also losing a ton of weight.

This is not another boring cardio class! This is exciting, fun, and alive. The hour simply flies by before you know it.)

==> MELTS Away Stress

(Nothing washes stress away like hitting a punching bag! Come in with your stress – then leave feeling peaceful & refreshed.)

ANYONE can participate – and itʼs NON-VIOLENT

(The focus of these classes is on fat loss. Yes, youʼll learn powerful kickboxing techniques. But the primary focus is losing fat fast.

Because of this – itʼs great for anyone. But this is really for people who want to lose weight, boost their energy, and feel great about themselves and how they look.)

9/10 people simply love these Fat-Fighting kickboxing classes.

However, we realize no program is right for everyone. Thatʼs why if youʼre unhappy – you get your money back.

No questions asked.

Then you can put your money toward a solution thatʼs more fitting for you.

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We canʼt wait for you to see the amazing benefits of this program.

It truly works wonders, and makes people healthier, happier, leaner, and more confident.

And as we all know, health and happiness are such important aspects of living a fulfilling life.