How Many Calories Does Kickboxing Burn?

Kickboxing is an intense workout that burns a lot of calories.

But exactly how many calories does kickboxing burn?

In this video, Sensei Serge from Urban Martial Arts in Brooklyn NY reveals the answer:

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The reason why people see so much good results in kickboxing classes is the fact that every class you’ve got to push. You’re punching pads, we do a lot of pushups, we do a lot of plyometric workouts which burns a lot of fat.

We’ve actually had a lot of people that have just started taking our class we actually have a young lady who’s taken 8 classes and she’s lost 8 pounds in about 2 weeks.

Kickboxing classes usually are 45 minutes to about an hour. I would say an average of calories burned about 6 to 800 calories per class.

If you go to a gym and you take a cardio kickboxing class the difference is you’re doing a lot of the kicking and punching in the air.

If you are kicking and punching the air, you’re not going to punch as hard as if you did if there was a pad in front of you. It also helps you with your distance, it helps with your reach and it helps with your focus so you can hit that target.

You actually burn more calories when you’re punching something especially like a Wavemaster because it has a little bit of resistance.

Sometimes when you’re punching the air, you lose your balance and sometimes the punches come across a little crazy and you’re kind of swinging all over the place.

I think coming in to taking the class is the easiest part. The hardest part is what you do outside the class, especially with your diet.

So, once you can regulate your diet and change your diet a bit not change the entire thing, because sometimes people say, well I like eating bread, well I like eating bread too, or I like pasta. You can substitute a lot of things but don’t change everything that you love.

You can still keep the things that you love, but modify it a bit and work out and you should definitely see the results.

So, if you’re ever in the Brooklyn area you might want to come by and try taking one of our classes.

Or, if you’re not in the Brooklyn area find a school that’s in your neighborhood and try a kickboxing class.