Quote: Drive + Accountability = Goal Realized!

Drive + Accountability = Goal Realized!Throughout July 2012, we’ll be working on the concept of “accountability.”

All our discussions and activities will aim to help our students understand that accountability is closely linked in with being dependable, responsible and trustworthy.

As part of this month’s theme, we’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite quotes about accountability.

Here’s a great quote about accountability from Dr. Robyn Silverman:

“Drive + Accountability = Goal Realized!”

Drive + Accountability = Goal Realized!

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Drive + Accountability = Goal Realized!

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Powerful Words is the name of our character development curriculum here at Urban Martial Arts. It’s designed by one of the nation’s leading childhood development experts, Dr. Robyn Silverman. Every month, we’ll focus on a different Powerful Word, or concept around character development.