Urban Martial Arts Wins Big at the 2013 Long Island Winter Open!

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Long Island Winter Open 2013 in New Hyde Park, NY this weekend.

A special shout-out goes to Christopher Djama, who swept his division with three 1st place wins for forms, weapons and sparring!

Also hearty congratulations go out to our instructors Mr. Andrew, Mr. Jared, and Mr. Donald, who took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

Way to represent for Urban Martial Arts! Here’s video from the event:

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Elsy Beltran (12-13 Beginner Girls Sparring)
Jose Bermejo (10-11 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Andrew Blake (30-39 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Christopher Djama (14-15 Advanced Boys Weapons, Forms & Sparring)
Aaron Rice (10-11 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Kimberly Rice (12-13 Advanced Girls Sparring)

Abbosbek Adxamov (16-17 Advanced Boys Forms)
Amini David (16-17 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Ester “Esti” Fruchter (10-11 Intermediate Girls Sparring)
Jared Halman (18-29 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Malagras “Mila” Mirzakandov (14-15 Advanced Girls Weapons)
Ma-Nya Scott (10-11 Advanced Girls Sparring)

Christopher Bernard (10-11 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Donald Claireville (30-39 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Matthew Mentis-Cort (8-9 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Malagras “Mila” Mirzakandov (14-15 Advanced Girls Forms & Sparring)

Abbosbek Adxamov (16-17 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Miguel Beltran (10-11 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Angel Bermejo (7 & Under Beginner Boys Sparring)
Nick Levi (14-15 Intermediate Boys Sparring)
Albert Mirzakandov (14-15 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Nathan Mirzakandov (10-11 Advanced Boys Weapons & Sparring)
Magdalena “Maggie” Perez (8-9 Beginner Girls Sparring)
Shane Rosales (12-13 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Stephon Rosales (10-11 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Ma-Nya Scott (10-11 Advanced Girls Weapons)