10 Incredibly Simple Ways to Cure Your Child’s TV Addiction

10 Incredibly Simple Ways to Cure Your Child's TV AddictionThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting your child’s TV time to one or two hours a day.


Because too much screen time has been linked to everything from obesity to irregular sleep among kids.

But if your child is already addicted to the TV, how can you help break the habit?

Check out this post from parenting blog Awesomely Awake, which recommends 10 creative ways to curb your family’s TV time.

Set the Stage:
Cathy from the Nurture Store suggests setting up an “Invitation to Play” by having enticing materials to spark play all ready for when a child comes home from school. Maybe teddy bears waiting for a tea party or some art materials.

Change up their Routine:
Do not say a word but leave a surprise for them like Zina from Let’s Lasso the Moon has done by putting art supplies on the kitchen table when they wake up in the morning.

You can find the other 8 ways here.

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