Spoiled Kids? 13 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Aren’t Entitled

Spoiled Kids? 13 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Aren't Entitled

Many parents worry about their children having a sense of entitlement.

If you want to make sure you don’t spoil your children, check out this post from the blog Aha! Parenting, which outlines 13 ways to raise a child who’s not entitled.

4. Recognize that buying is an addiction, since our brains give us a hit of dopamine every time we chase, conquer, acquire. It isn’t wanting that gets us into trouble, it’s WHAT we want. Material things don’t satisfy our hunting urge for more than a day or so before we crave more. Instead, help kids discover the emotional rewards of other kinds of chases besides shopping, such as practicing and getting good at playing basketball, cooking, writing, music, or some other passion. (Reminder: This needs to be the child’s passion for it to be rewarding.)

5. Don’t feed your child’s emotional hunger with possessions. Often when we feel guilty that we aren’t spending enough time with our kids, we buy them things. That’s a red flag to stop, drop your busy-ness, and get clear about your priorities. What can you do with your child today to simply enjoy her? How can you set up rituals in your week to spend more time together? As the old saying goes, children come out best when you give them half as many presents and twice as much of your presence.

You can find the other 11 ways here.

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