Urban Martial Arts Rocked the House at the 2013 Long Island Open!

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Long Island Open 2013 in Islip Terrace, NY last weekend!

For a few of our students, this was only their first or second tournament and as you’ll see in the video, they showed a lot of heart!

Great job, everybody! We look forward to seeing how you’ll do in the next tournament!

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Jose Bernejo (10-11 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Angel Bernejo (8-9 Beginner Boys Sparring)
Josiah Brillant (7 & Under Beginner Boys Sparring)
Jared Halman (18-29 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Donald Claireville (30-39 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Christopher Djama (14-15 Advanced Boys Weapons and Sparring)
Abbosbek Adxamov (14-15 Advanced Boys Forms)

Amini David (14-15 Advanced Boys Forms)

Andrew Blake (30-39 Advanced Mens Sparring)
Christopher Djama (14-15 Advanced Boys Forms)
Amini David (14-15 Advanced Boys Weapons)

Abbosbek Adxamov (14-15 Advanced Boys Weapons)

Alyssa Barry (7 & Under Beginners Girls Sparring)
Luke Brillant (7 & Under Beginners Boys Sparring)
Jose Bernero (10-11 Beginner Boys Forms)
Angel Bernero (8-9 Beginner Boys Forms)
George Tolentino (10-11 Intermediate Boys Sparring)
Elsy Beltran (12-13 Intermediate Girls Sparring and Forms)
Miguel Beltran (10-11 Intermediate Boys Sparring and Forms)
Esti Fruchter (10-11 Intermediate Girls Weapons and Sparring)
Christopher Bernard (10-11 Intermediate Boys Sparring)
Amini David (14-15 Advanced Boys Sparring)
Abbosbek Adxamov (14-15 Advanced Boys Sparring)