Healthy Restaurant Choices: Avoid These 10 Words on the Menu

Healthy Restaurant ChoicesWhen restaurants disguise high-calorie meals with healthy-sounding names, how can you eat healthy when dining out?

Check out this article by Darya Rose, which explains how to decode “menuspeak” and navigate any menu to make healthy restaurant choices.

How do you know if a restaurant is trying to mask its food with shameless flavor enhancers? Several code words and descriptions can tip you off to this sort of culinary cover-up. Sugar, for example, tends to be sticky, so words like “glaze” and even “sticky” itself are a good sign there is extra sweetener around. Similarly, anything that’s “crispy” or “crusted” has likely been covered in a batter made from processed wheat or corn and soaked in oil at high temperatures. Fortunately, there are also words that signify more healthily prepared dishes. “Roasted,” “grilled,” or “spiced” foods have extra flavor without extra calories.

You can find the rest of the article here.

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