Urban Martial Arts Is Hiring!

HiringDo you get more done in one day than most people get done in a week?

Do you enjoy working with kids and helping them reach their peak potential in life?

Are you the kind of person who’s always looking for a better way of doing things?

Do you feel a burst of joy in your heart when you walk into The Container Store because there’s nothing you love more than being organized and clutter-free?

Then you’re going to thrive at Urban Martial Arts!


We’re a fast-growing martial arts school in Brooklyn that offers fitness kickboxing classes for adults, a transported karate after-school program, a karate sports summer camp, and karate classes for kids.

The New York Daily News picked our karate sports summer camp as one of NYC’s hottest camps, and The L Magazine named our fitness kickboxing class as one of the top 10 workouts in all of NYC!

Parents love the way our karate programs inspire their children toward excellence, and adults can hardly believe the amazing weight loss and toning results they see from our kickboxing classes.

Plus, we’ve been featured everywhere from Fox Business to Entrepreneur Magazine for our innovative approaches to business, marketing, and customer service!


This is a hybrid role that we’re calling Operations Manager. From about 9 am to 2 pm, you’ll work as our office manager/executive assistant. From about 2 pm to 6 pm, you’ll work in our after-school program.

In the after-school role, you’ll pick up our after-school students from school and make sure each child attends their rank’s karate class each day. You’ll design and implement a different character development lesson each day (including group discussions, worksheets, and activities) based on our curriculum. You’ll build a strong rapport with the parents of our after-school students, keep them updated on their child’s performance, and make sure they are happy with the service we’re providing.

In the office manager role, you’ll contribute to 3 key business objectives:

1. Delivering a superior customer experience to our students
You’ll make our karate and kickboxing students feel taken care of by touching base with them regularly by phone, email, and snail mail. You’ll make sure that our space is organized, clean, and clutter-free so that our students have a pleasing environment in which to work out. You’ll keep us fully stocked with everything from bottled water to karate uniforms, so that we are prepared for all our students’ needs. You’ll plan and organize all our events (e.g. belt promotion graduations, karate tournaments, Halloween and holiday parties) to ensure our students and families have a great time.

2. Increasing profitability
You’ll handle new student inquiries, make sure we’re a good fit for their needs, and book trial classes. You’ll follow up with prospective students who’ve inquired about our programs but haven’t yet taken a trial class. You’ll regularly ask our students for referrals and encourage them to write reviews about us. You’ll help us cut costs by tracking inventory and ordering supplies in a timely and cost-efficient manner, saving us the expense of having to pay for unnecessary rush charges or purchasing items we already have. You’ll enter new members into our database, make sure we are billing people correctly, and follow up with past due accounts.

3. Positioning us for growth
You’ll help us enroll more students by assisting with direct mail campaigns, social media updates, email marketing, event marketing, and flyer distribution. You’ll also act as executive assistant to the two owners. By taking admin work off their plates, you’ll free up their time so they can focus on taking the business to the next level. You’ll be in charge of documenting internal systems and processes so that we can more easily train new hires.

This is by no means a complete list of your responsibilities, but it should give you an idea of what this job entails.


You’ll be working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, juggling a lot of projects simultaneously, and reporting directly to the owners, who will have very high expectations of your performance.

It’ll be intense and hard work, but you’ll find it immensely rewarding.


Because unlike many other positions you’re probably applying to, our business is one that has a meaningful mission and impact.

We’ve had children go from C students to A students using the focus skills they’ve learned with us. We’ve had adults lose 30 pounds and avoid falling victim to the diabetes and heart disease that runs in their family. We’ve had kids stave off attacks from bullies using the self-defense techniques we taught them. We’ve had adults who never worked out a day in their lives before coming to us, who have transformed into athletes who can pump out 6 to 7 kickboxing classes a week.

Simply put, we are passionate about helping people reach their peak potential in life and becoming the best versions of themselves.

By working here, you’ll see for yourself the impact we have on people’s lives, plus you’ll know that you’re contributing directly to those life transformations!


* You have an Associates degree or higher in child development, elementary education or related field
You have two years of college with 18 credits in a related field
You have a School‐Age Child Care credential, plus a minimum of 2 years direct experience working with children under the age of 13 years, and a least one year in a supervisory capacity

* You are extremely (some would say obsessively) organized. You can’t stand clutter and mess, and you are proactive about making sure things are clean and neat.

* You take the initiative to constantly improve things. You have the foresight to anticipate challenges and think of solutions for them before they arise.

* You have a strong analytical and logical mind. You’re good at taking a vague project description, breaking it down into individual steps, and fitting them into a timeline.

* You’re resourceful and have good common sense. You identify what needs to be done before you’re asked and you get it done.

* You have great attention to detail and make it a habit to double-check your work before submitting it.

* You’re a good written and oral communicator, and you are very tech-savvy.

* You have a good sense of business and understand how your role supports the bigger picture.

* You are eager (and quick) to learn and figure things out on your own, or happy to follow processes and systems when they are in place.


Absolutely no walk-ins, phone inquiries, or email submissions please.

To apply, fill out this form.

We’ll be reviewing applications and inviting those who are a good fit to send us their resumes.

Before you start in this position, you’ll need to provide 3 references, at least 2 of which are from direct supervisors (not co-workers) at previous jobs. You’ll need to pass a background check, be fingerprinted, and and submit up-to-date health and immunization records. And if you have a driver’s license, we’ll need to make sure you have a clean driving record too.