How to Find the Right Brooklyn After-School Program for Your Child

After-School Programs in Brooklyn

Brooklyn after-school programs for your child?

September is here, so now is a good time to explore what after-school options are open to you.

Check out this article from our archives, which explains how to find the right after-school program for your family’s needs:

5. Ask on your local email listserv
As popular as social media is nowadays, email still plays an important role for many people. Just as your neighborhood may have a local blog, you may also have a local email listserv. That’s essentially an electronic mailing list (often hosted by Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups) where people subscribe to receive updates and can send emails to the group. For example, the local listserv in Urban Martial Arts’ neighborhood is the Flatbush Family Network. After you join, you can either search the archives of the listserv for mentions of local after-school programs, or send an email to the group asking for recommendations.

You can find 4 more great tips in the article.

Try our karate after-school program!

After School Programs in BrooklynThe Urban Martial Arts Transported Karate After-School Program includes free school pick-up, a free karate uniform, a free T-shirt, karate classes 5 days a week, and plenty of time for homework and snacks.

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