Why You Should Never Stretch *Before* Your Kickboxing Class

Why You Should Never Stretch Before Kickboxing ClassEver wonder why we only stretch at the end of our kickboxing classes, and not at the beginning?

It’s because pre-workout stretching (or static stretching) isn’t good for you.

In fact, studies show it can actually make you slower and weaker.

Check out this article on Greatist, which explains why static stretching is the world’s worst warm-up.

The New York Times recently wrote on two new studies — with different methodologies — that illustrate the anti-performance effects of static stretching pre-workout [2] [3]. The first study, conducted at Stephen F. Austin State University, showed significant strength impairment in individuals who practiced static stretching before lifting as opposed to those who performed dynamic warm-ups. (Even when a subjects performed both types of warm-up, static stretching seemed to negate the positive performance boost of dynamic moves like explosive lunges.)

The second study by researchers in Croatia looked at a total of 104 previous studies on stretching and athletic performance. Almost across the board — and regardless of age, sex, or fitness level — static stretching before a workout impaired explosive movement and strength performance [4]. And while more research is needed to determine exaclty why static stretching hurts our performance so much, it’s likely that loosening muscles and tendons in the “traditional” manner leaves them less able to move quickly and on command come workout time.

You can find the rest of the article here.

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