How After-School Programs Help Kids Succeed In Life

After-School Programs in Brooklyn

Are you looking for after-school programs in Brooklyn?

Then you probably already know that after-school programs help keep kids safe and off the streets.

But did you know that kids who participate in after-school programs are more likely to stay in school, get better grades, are less likely to be involved in criminal activity?

Check out this article from our archives, which explains how after-school programs help kids succeed in life:

1. Improve kids’ school attendance and test scores
Numerous research studies have demonstrated that students enrolled in after-school programs get better grades and miss fewer days of school than students not enrolled in after-school programs. According to the non-profit organization AfterSchool Alliance, 45% of students enrolled in the federally funded after-school program 21st Century Community Learning Centers improved their reading grades and 41% improved their math grades.

2. Prevent kids from being victims of violence
According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juveniles are at most risk of becoming victim of a violent crime during after-school hours — between 2 pm and 6 pm. By keeping kids off the streets during this critical window of time, after-school programs can help keep children safe.

You can find 3 more important benefits for kids in the article.

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