How to Find Time for Kickboxing Classes

How to Find Time for Kickboxing Class

Have you been meaning to try kickboxing classes but feel like you don’t have the time?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Lack of time is one of the top reasons people give to explain why they don’t exercise.

But there are lots of ways to carve out 15-minute blocks in your day.

Do that a few times, and you’ve got an extra 45 minutes to take a kickboxing class!

Here are some ideas from Men’s Health:

The average American spends at least 7 hours a month on Facebook, according to Neilsen. Let’s do the math: Seven hours a month works out to 105 minutes each week, or hmmm, guess what? Exactly 15 minutes every single day.

2. SAY “NO!”
We know. You think you can do it all and you hate to say the N word. But we think you’ll really like it once you try it. Next time someone asks you to do something you really don’t want or need to do, say, “I’m sorry. No. I just can’t” and feel the freedom—and all that free time—wash over you. (Say it to your boss and you may have a lot of free time on your hands!)

We all have certain times of the day when we are most focused and productive. Schedule your biggest tasks for that time (for many people it’s in the morning, say 9 am). You’ll get it done more quickly and efficiently than if you wait to tackle it during a natural low point (like midafternoon).

Find 4 more great time-savers in the article here.

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