5 Things After-School Programs in Brooklyn Wish All Parents Knew

5 Things After-School Programs Wish All Parents Knew

After school programs are great, fun places for kids to make new friends and learn new skills. It is also great for parents because it creates much-needed time for you to finish up with work or even get some things done around the house.

After school programs are run by professionals who have everything it takes to ensure that your child has the best of times, but there are some things they wish you as a parent would take into consideration.

1. Make sure your child brings needed equipment

Without the right set of tools, even the most talented person cannot do anything. If your child does not have the right set of tools then he/she will find it difficult to participate in any of the activities. So if it is a karate after-school program, make sure your child come with their uniform and sparring gear. If it is a chess after-school program, ensure they bring their chess sets.

2. Keep the program informed about special needs or situations

The after-school program does its best to ensure that your child has a rich and rewarding experience that is designed specially for the individual. The program cannot do this if they do not know what your child needs. Do not blindside the program. Please inform them of EVERTHING your child needs – whether it is dietary restrictions, learning delays or even that your child needs an extra minute in the bathroom. If there is something else going on in the home, also tell the staff. It helps them provide the best possible experience for your child.

3. Pack enough food and drink

There are some after-school programs that don’t demand much in the way of physical activity. And then there are others, like the Urban Martial Arts transported karate after-school program, that are extremely physical. Because your child will be way more active than usual, they will need more food. If you’re opting for a more physical after-school program, be sure to pack a substantial snack each day. Also pack a water bottle so your child can stay hydrated all day long. Many public schools serve lunch as early as 11 am nowadays, so to go without food from 11 to 6 pm would be extremely challenging.

4. Inform the program when your child will be absent

Part of the after-school program’s duty is to pick up your child from school. So unless they hear otherwise from you, they will assume your child has to be picked up every day. If they need to spend an extra 20 minutes looking all around the school for your child because they didn’t know about the absence, that will put the entire student population behind schedule. That’s unfair because other students will miss out on time for homework or activities. So make sure you always inform the program if your child will be out that day.

5. You get what you pay for

Most people would think twice about a $100 Ferrari, and for good reason. It’s the same thing for after-school programs. If the program is free or really cheap, then it likely does not have enough resources or a great facility. If you want a quality program for your child, you have to be willing to pay a tuition rate that is appropriate.

If you keep these five things in mind, your family will be on track to have a fantastic after-school program experience this school year.

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