How to Find the Best Summer Camp in Brooklyn for Your Child

Finding the Best Summer Camp for Your Child

Every year, in the months preceding summer, parents scramble to ensure that they find the right summer camp for their kids.

The right summer camp is one that your child will enjoy, is convenient for the parent and something that the parent can afford. Finding this mix might be difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Here are some things that should be at the top of your mind when looking for the best summer camp.

1. Consider your child’s interests
Keeping in mind that the best summer camp is one that your child will enjoy, you need to ensure that what you select matches your child’s interests. What activities does your child like or gravitate towards? Your child’s likes, dislikes and limitations should be at the top of your mind when choosing the type of camp your child will attend.

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new
That being said, doing the same thing over and over again is boring. So don’t be afraid to try something new. If your child is in a rut, shake things up a little. Try a new activity or even a new type of camp. Your child will enjoy it and thank you for it.

3. See what camps other parents recommend
A great way to do research of any kind is the word of mouth approach, so ask around. You should especially ask parents with kids a couple of years older than yours. They’ve had a few more years to research and plan and can give you helpful tips. Find out what camps they recommend and why, as well as their personal experience with the camp. This will help a lot in finding the perfect fit.

4. Be realistic about convenience
You may find a great camp but if it is inconvenient for you, let it go. You should take into consideration your schedule and the location of the camp. If the camp is more than an hour’s drive from your house, that long commute may get old very quickly. Also, if you get out of work late and could never pick up your child on time, you’ll be racking up late fees, not to mention inconveniencing the camp staff.

5. Take your child along when you tour the camp
Would you buy a car without ever laying eyes on it? Then why send your child to camp he/she knows nothing of? Your child will be the one attending the camp, not you, so it’s important to get your child’s feedback. Take your child with you and find out how your child reacts to the facility and people. It will also give you an opportunity to evaluate how the staff interacts with your child.

Choosing a summer camp is very important because the right camp could be the best thing that has happened to your child and the wrong camp could turn the summer into a nightmare. So find the perfect fit for your child and for you.

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7 Signs You Are Addicted to Kickboxing at Urban Martial Arts

7 Signs You Are Addicted to Kickboxing at Urban Martial Arts

How can you tell the difference between a casual kickboxing member and a kickboxing fanatic? Actually, it’s not hard at all.

If you find yourself checking off any of the items on this list, consider yourself addicted to Urban Martial Arts kickboxing!

1. You watch a Floyd Mayweather fight and think, sure he’s got a killer left hook but how’s his roundhouse kick?

2. You check your attendance card obsessively because you can’t wait to earn your red gloves.

3. You don’t even try to get away with doing push-ups on your knees anymore because you don’t want Sensei Serge to give you THAT look.

4. When friends tell you about what they’re doing in the gym, you think to yourself, “Aw that’s cute! Their entire workout is just my warm-up.”

5. You have nightmares about burpees.

6. You’ve said, “You HAVE to try kickboxing — it’ll change your life” to more people than you can count.

7. You can’t remember what it feels like to NOT be sore. It’s just a state of being now.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. But let’s face it – you don’t need rehab because this addiction is a healthy one.

Here’s to all our kickboxing addicts!

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5 Mistakes Parents Make When It Comes to Summer Camp

Summer camp can be a wonderful experience for children, but there are some issues parents should be aware of.

If you’re a parent researching summer camps in Brooklyn, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid:

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Urban Martial Arts Wins Big At the Long Island Open 2014!

Congratulations to everyone who competed at The Long Island Open Karate Tournament 2014 in Islip Terrace, NY!

For a few of our students, this was only their first or second tournament and as you’ll see in the video, they showed a lot of heart!

Great job, everybody! We look forward to seeing how you’ll do in the next tournament!

Interested in karate for kids in Brooklyn NY? Learn more about our program.

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Alyssa Barry (7 & Under Intermediate Girls Sparring)
Ester Fruchter (10-11 Advanced Girls Sparring)
Jose Bermejo (12-13 Intermediate Boys Sparring)
Luke Brillant (7 & Under Beginners Boys Sparring)

Read the full article →

Video from March 2014 Karate Belt Promotion

Congratulations to everyone who earned their new belts! You’ve put in a lot of hard work, and we’re so proud of you.

Here’s a video with some highlights from the belt promotion:

Just $179 for 6 Weeks of Classes!

KarateKidsKickingGet 6 weeks of karate classes, plus a free karate uniform and T-shirt ($60 value) for just $179! Enter your email address below to see schedule and details.

Five Surprising Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results From Kickboxing

5 Surprising Reasons

Kickboxing is a great physical activity not just because it teaches you a great new skill but also because it helps you lose weight, tone your muscles, and generally keep fit. In fact, in one kickboxing class you can lose anywhere between 600 and 800 calories. Factor in the fact that even after the class, your metabolism remains high; there simply is not any reason why you shouldn’t see results from kickboxing. If you’re not seeing results then you are probably doing something wrong. So, here are some things you could be doing wrong that is affecting your weight loss plans.

1. You’re eating wrong.
Diet is a very important part of the weight loss process. This is because it contributes 70% of your weight loss. So if you’re not seeing the results you expected from your kickboxing, it might be because you’re not putting in enough effort to limit your portion. Most people have no idea what a proper portion is because restaurants serve such over-sized portions so even when you’re eating healthy foods, you may be eating too much of them in each serving. A good rule of thumb is that a serving of protein should not be larger than the palm of your hand. Women generally need smaller portions because their body mass is lower than that of men and because women’s palms are usually smaller than men’s palms, the rule still stands. The ratio you should be aiming for on each plate is 1/4 to 1/2 protein, 1/2 non-starchy vegetables and intake of starches should be limited to 1/4 of any meal.

2. You’re not attending enough classes.
You should not be expecting to see a lot of results if you do not put in enough work. If you’re coming to kickboxing class once a week on average, then you simply will not be burning enough calories or keeping your metabolism high enough to see great improvements. At a minimum, you should be taking at least two classes a week, although three is preferable. Also, because it takes time to master the moves involved, you won’t improve quickly enough to move to high intensity workouts if you’re only coming once a week.

3. You’re not working that hard in class.
The people who get the best results from kickboxing are those who are very focused and intense about it. They are very committed and give their all while they are in class. There really is no use in coming to class regularly if you’re not going work that hard when you are on the mat. So when you’re in class, dial up the intensity, cut out unnecessary breaks and really challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, our trainers at Urban Martial Arts will always be there to see you don’t go beyond your limits.

4. You’re inconsistent.
Another reason why you might not be seeing the results that you desire is if you’re being inconsistent. If you come to class four times a week for a month and then drop off and pull a no-show for the next three months, it is simply impossible for you to see any results. It is better for you to come to class less frequently, say twice a week, than to burn out and lose your drive. Consistency is how champions are made and how weight is lost.

5. You’re not clear on your goal.
You’d be surprised at how big a deal this actually is. If you don’t have goals you’re working towards, then you’re probably not going to see the results you actually want to see. Ask yourself, what do I want to get out of this class? If you don’t know where you’re heading, how do you know if you’re even on the right track? Vague goals like “I want to lose weight” will not motivate you. And unrealistic goals like “I want to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks” will disillusion you. What you need to set are SMART goals, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based. This will motivate you and serve as monitors to guide your weight loss ambitions.

Kickboxing is a fun way to lose a lot of weight and generally keep in shape. It exercises all the major muscle groups while keeping your heart rate up. Potentially, kickboxing can be the solution to all your weight loss problems but you need to steer clear of all the mistakes outlined above to achieve the results you desire.

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Four Food Rules That Every Kickboxer Should Follow

Four Food Rules That Every Kickboxer Should Follow

As anyone who has tried to and succeeded in losing weight will tell you, losing weight is not something that you can achieve by exercising only. In fact, 70% of your weight loss or health results are determined by your diet, and 30% from exercise, so paying attention to how you eat is important. Going to kickboxing class seven times a week will not do you a world of good if you do not watch your diet, so here are four food rules that you should follow to see maximum results.

1. Fuel up before class to improve your performance

When you work out on an empty stomach, what you are doing is losing what muscle you already have instead of building muscle. This is very bad because muscle and toning actually help you lose weight. Also, if you do not eat before class you don’t have enough fuel to burn in class, which means that you cannot turn up the intensity, which results in burning fewer calories. So eat before class but not right before, as this will make you feel bloated and heavy during class. Eat an hour or so before you go for class, it is important.

2. Eat more protein

Protein is a very important class of food especially to those trying to lose weight and generally become healthier. This is because protein contains amino acids, which are very useful for building your muscles. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is, meaning you burn more calories even when you are not working out. Protein, therefore, should be a major part of your diet. Lean proteins like chicken breast, ground turkey, and strip steak are great for you and will make an excellent addition to your diet.

3. Don’t avoid fat, it can be good for you!

No, this is not heresy and we did not mistype the word fat. The truth is that fat is actually a very important component in any diet because it helps you feel full for a lot longer and there are a lot of health benefits to consuming fat. However, because fat is easier than most food classes to retain in the body, you should limit the amount of fat you take. It is advisable to have 20 to 30% of your daily calorie intake as fat. What you should be eating are the healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil, peanut butter, salmon, and flaxseed oil.

4. Eat more frequently

We all know that food is important and that when you’re trying to lose weight and generally stay healthy, you need to control what you eat and how often you eat it. Which is why a lot of people are advised to reduce their eating. However, to avoid energy spikes and craving for junk food, it is better to space your eating and eat every 2-3 hours. Instead of having three big meals each day, you should have 3 small meals and 2 snacks spread through the day. This will help keep your energy level constant and it will also help you better monitor your calorie intake.

Diet is the most important part of any weight loss attempt. It has been proven than keeping fit and staying healthy is the result of 70% diet and 30% exercise. Regular kickboxing class takes care of the 30% but you will not see a lot of change if you do not work on the 70% as well. So, if you want to see result from your kickboxing class, you need to eat right as well as work out. Following the four rules listed above is a great place to start!

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Join Our Mega Fun Week April 14-22

2014-03-31 Mega Fun Week Blog

There’s no better place to be during Spring Recess than at our Mega Fun Week!

Your child will experience non-stop action, excitement, and fun.

Just have a look at what we’re packing into a single week!

  • Board-breaking contest
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Nerf gun war
  • Pizza party
  • Wii boxing match
  • Jumping/spinning kick contest
  • Wii bowling challenge
  • Popcorn and movie day
  • Limbo competition
  • Plus FREE field trips!

Spaces will fill up fast, so register today!

Click here to pay $50 to save your spot
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Check out this video to see how much fun our campers had at the last Mega Fun Week!

The activities will take place between 9:30 am and 5 pm daily, but you can drop off as early as 8 am and pick up as late as 6 pm.

The tuition for all 7 days is $399. Save your spot with just $50 down. The balance is due anytime before April 12th.

Click here to pay $50 to save your spot
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Payment plans are available. Just call 718-287-5500.

Why Kickboxing Class Is a Better Workout Than the Gym

Why Kickboxing Class Is a Better Workout Than the Gym

When most people think of exercising and working out, they think of gyms and not kickboxing classes. This kind of thinking is probably one of the major reasons why people do not lose as much weight as they could or follow through on their exercise routine.

For most people, kickboxing provides a far better workout than going to the gym by yourself. Kickboxing provides all the benefits of a gym and has extra benefits of its own without the detraction that most gyms have.

Here are a few reasons why kickboxing class is a better workout than the gym.

1. Gyms are for people who already know how to work out

By their very nature and design, gyms are for people who are already experts at working out. It is a great place for people who have studied anatomy and physiology and know the ins and outs of proper technique. However, because there is no guidance, over 90% of the people in a gym are doing useless exercises, using too much weight and performing every movement improperly. In a good kickboxing class like the ones offered by Urban Martial Arts, you get proper guidance to target and effectively lose weight and tone up. You do the moves that are shown to you, so even if you have no background in it, you get the instruction and support you need to work out properly.

2. Personal training is effective, but too expensive

One way to circumvent the pitfalls of going to the gym on your own is to get a personal trainer. With this you can get amazing results, but for most people, getting a personal trainer is too expensive to do on an ongoing basis like you need. The L Magazine rated the kickboxing program at Urban Martial Arts as one of NYC’s top 10 workouts, and said that taking the class feels like you’re working with a personal trainer, though of course you’re paying a fraction of the price.

3. You don’t use your time efficiently at the gym

It’s easy to spend time at the gym doing everything but exercising. It almost seems like the gym is designed to waste your time! From primping in the locker room, to waiting for equipment, to chatting with other members, you’re just not using your time efficiently. Your time is valuable, so why not burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time? That’s what happens at the Urban Martial Arts kickboxing program. Not a minute is wasted. You come in, put on your gloves, and right away you’re kicking and punching your way to a better body!

4. It’s easy to plateau at a gym

When you work out without guidance, you’re likely to get to a point where you stop seeing results. This leads to a plateau in your routine and is very common at gyms. People who take kickboxing classes are much less likely to plateau because there’s always something new to learn. When people first start out, they’re often focused on just getting through the class because it’s so challenging, but when their stamina is up, they become more focused on perfecting the technique of their kicks and punches. Once you’ve got the technique down, you get excited about increasing your speed, power, and accuracy. This is why kickboxers don’t plateau as easily, and why they never get bored.

5. No one at the gym is there to push you

When you work out on your own, there’s not much motivation to really push yourself. Kickboxing classes give you a group scenario where you’re not only motivated by the instructor, but by the sense of community you have from other members of the class. In this setting, you’re much more likely to push through your imagined limits and burn more calories

There are several benefits that come with a group class setting like kickboxing. You get the support of your classmates as well as the motivation of your coach. Kickboxing also offers you a far superior overall workout experience than what you would get in the average gym.

When you consider that you burn anywhere between 600 and 800 calories in a single kickboxing class and that your metabolism stays high even after the class, there can be no argument about the superiority of kickboxing classes to going to the gym on your own.

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Why Kids Who Do Karate Get Better Grades

Why Kids Who Do Karate Get Better Grades

Training in karate gives your child a whole lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and often helps with their self-esteem.

But did you know that karate classes can help your child do better in school?

Karate helps with the development of a lot of skills that students need, so if your child is struggling with school work, you might want to consider registering him/her for karate classes.

1. Rigorous academics require discipline

A good student is one who understands that life is not a free-for-all, where they can just do what they want when they want. Good students do their homework even when their favorite show is on TV. In order to get good grades, they must complete their homework, turn it in on time, and study and prepare for tests. The trait necessary for achieving all these is discipline. Karate helps to develop this discipline because it helps students learn structure, order and most importantly, how to have self-control.

2. Being prepared leads to success

Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Much of academic success hinges on being prepared and organized. Think about it, what good is it to write the greatest essay since Charles Dickens if you leave it at home and so can’t turn it in on time? Karate teaches kids that they always need to be prepared. For example, when they’re getting to spar, they know they need to stay in fighting stance and stay on their bounce so they can explode into action when they need to. Kids who train in karate carry this trait over to their school work.

3. Good students have to be able to focus

With all the opportunities and channels of entertainment available to today’s kids it can get difficult to focus. But in order to cope with rigorous schoolwork, students must learn how to listen to the teachers and not get distracted by their surroundings. Karate can help your child to develop this very important character trait; focus and concentration. When in karate class, they learn to shut out distractions, whether they’re external (classmates playing around) or internal (negative thoughts and doubts).

4. Setting and achieving goals is critical to success

Success comes from achieving a series of smaller goals which ultimately culminates in the accomplishment of larger goals. In school, this could mean finishing an essay on time or reading a few chapters ahead of the class. In karate, it means passing an evaluation and earning a new belt. As a karate student, your child learns to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing goals and this will spur them to seek out opportunities to replicate in school and at home.

5. Physical activity builds cognitive functions

Researchers have discovered that physical activity levels have been positively linked to cognitive function during development in school-aged children. Besides the neurological connotations, giving kids an outlet to move their bodies can actually help them academically by improving their memory and increasing their attention span. Karate is a very physical activity so can help build cognitive functions as well as serve as an outlet to help improve memory.

Karate can be extremely useful for your children to boost their school grades if they are already A students. If they are having problems with school work, it can also help them by helping to develop necessary skills to become a very good student.

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