Unleash your child’s potential

As a parent, you know the enormous potential your child has within. But sometimes you worry they won’t make the most of their natural gifts.

Maybe your child can’t focus long enough to get things done. Maybe he doesn’t have enough self-control. Or maybe she’s shy and plagued by self-doubt.

That’s where martial arts can give your child an edge.

We help children reach their peak potential

At Urban Martial Arts, we’re passionate about what we do because every day, we see exactly how life-transforming the study of martial arts can be.

Our kids karate program is unique in that we combine both a world-class martial arts curriculum and a world-class character development curriculum.

Because of the in-depth martial arts training our students receive, they regularly take top ranking at regional and national karate tournaments.

But we believe that martial arts isn’t just about physical skills.

It’s also about developing character.

That’s why we´re developed an outstanding character development curriculum for our karate class students.

In order to move through our belt rank system, students have to meet requirements for both the physical and the character portions of our curriculum.

That’s what sets our karate program apart from other karate schools in Brooklyn.

What Parents have to say

  • They’ll embrace you as family!

    "There are many martial schools in Brooklyn. But not many will embrace you as family. Urban Martial Arts is successfully encouraging my son and guiding him to become the young man he is growing up to be. And the school has turned my sometimes soft-spoken and shy into a confident and strong little dragon."~ Janine P.
  • One of the best things that ever happened to my son!

    "I was really quite surprised when my 10-year-old son told me he wanted to do karate. But I do know this; it's one of the best things that has ever happened to him. There are teachers but some are special. The instructors at Urban Martial Arts lead young people with a combination of professionalism and joy that I want my young son to discover."~ Rex C.
  • Worth every penny I’ve spent and more!

    "My daughter used to be shy and very dependent, only blossoming around people she considered of complete trust. She is now so much more confident, being able to perform in front of others without fear. This investment has literally changed the way my daughter faces life, and that is worth every penny I've spent and more." ~ Natalie M.
  • A safe and fun environment!

    "My daughter has been going here for a little over a month now and I can say she really likes it. Each child seems to get positive reinforcement as they continue their classes, and everything is done in a safe and fun environment. I would recommend others to join if you're looking for a place where your children can enjoy themselves as well as learn a few things."~ Sean K.
  • We encourage each other’s children as one family!

    "I was expecting my son to learn how to defend himself and build some confidence, but Urban Martial Arts offers so much more. During sessions my son learns that he is able to do more then he can even imagine. What he learns at the dojo reflects in his school, church and social life. The Senseis and staff members make it their business to learn the students' names and unique needs. They have a desire to get the best out of each and every student. When I arrive, I am greeted with a friendly smile from Leing and both Senseis. I have gotten to to meet other parents at competitions where we encourage each other's children as one family. I recommend all ages to join this family as a member or a student!"~ Jonathan P.
  • They make it both fun as well as serious for the kids!

    "It's amazing to watch some of these kids practice. Some much younger than my 7-year-old son have gone to competition and come back with medals and trophies. Both Sensei Wyatt and Sensei Serge teach the class and they make it both fun as well as serious for the kids. Not only do the kids learn and practice different stances, moves and defensive maneuvers but they also learn and practice a new powerful word a month and have an assignment that has to be completed each month. I've also found that it helps him release some extra energy he might have. He makes sure that he is on his best behavior at all times because he wants to go to karate class. I also think he might have gotten the idea he would have to do extra push-ups if his Senseis find out. I wonder how he got that idea??? 🙂 "~ Stephanie S.
  • This school deserves 6 stars!

    "My 12-year-old daughter has been attending Urban Martial Arts for three and a half years. She earned her Black Belt in December 2014. This is the absolute best martial arts school in Brooklyn. A large, beautifully renovated facility with a color scheme of blue and white with motivational quotes on the walls. The owners Carmen and Sensei Serge are wonderful, kind, friendly people. UMA is organized and on time... never has a class started late. My children have also attended the after school program at UMA... there is zero tolerance to bullying... kids are 100% safe. We compete in regional tournaments and are proud to be part of UMA. My daughter has already won about 15 trophies! Sensei Serge and Sensei Wyatt are real life super heroes... a way better influence than Superman or Ironman. This school deserves 6 stars!"~ Shmuel F.
  • Love and dedication for the art of karate

    "I have to commend Sensei Wyatt and the staff on their dedication to the students. My son, Xavier, has been training at Urban Martial Arts for over two years. He enjoys karate so much that he joined the UMA Competition Team, which further teaches him to focus and work hard towards a goal. He loves winning competitions along with his other teammates. Both Sensei Wyatt and Sensei Serge motivate the children to have a love and dedication for the art of karate."~ Gloria A.
  • Dedication to the art and the students

    "Urban Martial Arts is a great place for children and adults. It has been an integral part of my son's activities and I absolutely love the discipline, structure and overall experience of the school. My son is seven and quite active in football, chess and golf but I must say that being a part of the school has truly taught him focus and desire to achieve. Sensei Serge is a good man and you can feel his dedication to the art and his students. The staff is also very helpful and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend!"~ Andre C.

Are we right for your family?

lf you´re deeply committed to helping your child reach their peak potential in all aspects of life, then Urban Martial Arts will be a great fit. But if you don’t have any clear goals for your child and you just want an activity to fill up some free time, we´re not the right program for you.

Why not?

Because at Urban Martial Arts, our mission is to train black belts. We are an educational institution, not a casual activity center. Though our classes are fun and fast-paced, our curriculum is rigorous and therefore we demand commitment from both students and their families.