Tired of the gym? Then try Kickboxing!

Have you been paying for a gym membership for months — or even years — without seeing any results?

You’re not alone.

Statistics show that two-thirds of people who own gym memberships never actually use them.

At a traditional gym, you don’t get any guidance unless you shell out big bucks for a personal trainer.

So you end up doing the same thing every time you go.

Which translates into zero results.

At Urban Martial Arts, it’s a totally different experience…

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals

The L Magazine recently named our kickboxing class as one of NYC’s top workouts.

Why? Because when you take our class, it feels like you’re working with a personal trainer.

Except, of course, you’re paying a fraction of what a trainer would cost.

So if you want to lose weight, build muscle tone, and get in shape, try the fitness kickboxing classes at Urban Martial Arts!

What Members have to say

  • It’s a place with a warm, neighborhood vibe

    "The instructors push you to get out of your comfort zone, but they'll never make you feel bad for needing a break and taking care of yourself. Same goes for the other students. There are all sorts of ability and fitness levels in every class, but everyone is in it together, supporting and encouraging each other. You're doing your own workout at your own pace, but you're also part of a team of people pushing through that next set of 10 push-ups. All in all, it's a place with a warm, neighborhood vibe that will get you into the best shape you've ever been in. All you have to do is show up!"~ Ravi R.
  • I’ve dropped at least 15 stubborn pounds

    "That first workout was very challenging, but I was hooked! As a beginner I did feel a bit out of place at first, but every time I came back, the staff welcomed me with a smile and soon I began to get the hang of some of the techniques. That is what I like the most about UMA - not just that I've dropped at least 15 stubborn pounds and increased my tone and strength considerably - but that the staff are so awesome. I can say that the owners and the employees are some of the nicest people I've met since I moved to NYC. They are genuine, they greet you by name, they host social nights at local pubs which allows us all to get to know each other, and they listen to suggestions from their clients. Overall, I would highly recommend UMA to anyone interested in a new group physical activity. I've never felt so accomplished after a 45-minute workout!"~ Rheanna S.
  • Always motivating and encouraging you to work hard

    "I have nothing but great things to say about this place! The whole entire staff is so friendly and kind. The classes are always challenging so I'm never disappointed. They make you work! The instructors of the kickboxing class are always motivating and encouraging you to work hard and challenge yourself so that you're doing your best. I love the fact that the instructors take time to teach the class all of the techniques (simple or complex). Its good to know that I'm doing a move safely while getting the most out of it. Two thumbs up all the way!"~ Winnie T.
  • Instructors give a lot of personalized attention

    "I've been training at Urban Martial Arts for almost a year now (first fitness kickboxing and recently karate). Sensei Serge, Wyatt and the other instructors are patient, helpful and and give a lot of personalized attention. Since working with them I've found my strength, endurance and flexibility greatly increased and I've gone above and beyond my fitness goals. Thanks Urban Martial Arts!"~ William S.
  • Clients are pushed hard but feel a warm sense of belonging

    "I'm not particularly athletic or strong naturally, and found the idea of joining a gym to be scary. Working out with other people around, while not really knowing what I was doing myself? The idea was terrifying! Then I moved to Ditmas Park and was convinced to attend a kickboxing class with my partner, who'd been a member a few months prior to my arrival in the neighborhood. It was demanding, it was tough, it was -- excellent! In addition to working to get us into shape, the instructors give substantial attention to form and injury prevention. Not only am I learning how to work out, but also how to execute proper kickboxing techniques! The instructors and owners at Urban Martial Arts have created an environment in which their clients are pushed hard but feel a warm sense of belonging. I am happy to be part of the UMA family!"~ Maximilian D.
  • Close-knit, friendly, and non-judgmental

    "In 2013, I had just developed an interest in boxing when I moved to Ditmas Park-- a hefty train ride away from the tiny boxing gym where I had been training in Inwood. I knew I wanted to continue boxing, but with no traditional gyms in the area, I decided to give kickboxing a try at Urban Martial Arts. I'm very glad I did. From the beginning, Carmen and Sensei Serge were friendly and accommodating. When I was unable to attend class due to a spinal injury, they extended my contract so that I could work out again after recovering. (I wasn't so lucky at Crunch Gym!) Although UMA might look like it's part of a chain with its sleek, well-branded decor, a la Crunch or Equinox, the atmosphere there is anything but corporate. The gym feels like a microcosm of the neighborhood -- close-knit, friendly, and non-judgmental. Becoming a member of UMA means becoming a member of a community, a feeling that's difficult to find at your typical gym. One of my favorite parts of working out there -- other than the fact that it's a killer workout in which I can develop my boxing form as well as overall strength and stamina -- is that even if I feel as if I've "fallen off the bandwagon" for a week or two, I'm never scared or embarrassed to go back. It's such a supportive and friendly environment where people of all different levels work really hard to achieve whatever goals they may have, and all of those goals are respected and valued. My only critique might be the slightly limited class schedule, but otherwise I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at Urban Martial Arts!"~ Helen K.

Kickboxing is a workout you’ll actually stick with

Here’s the best part:

Our fitness kickboxing classes are so much fun that this is a workout program you’ll actually find it easy to stick with!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!